Where To Shop in Singapore – Top Spots For Amazing Bargains

Singapore Skyline

Wondering where to shop in Singapore?  Asian countries as shoppers heavens – offering extreme deals and a shopping experience like no other. But in my opinion, nowhere screams retail therapy like Singapore.  It’s a mecca of consumerism, complete with boutique lined streets, futuristic entertainment malls, vintage markets, and easy to get lost in shopping centers.

Vevo City Singapore

Let’s not forget that you can also purchase anything your heart desires from hi-tech gadgets to designer clothing to antiques. If you love to shop as much as I do, you’ll agree, Singapore is a true paradise!  The following, in no particular order, are Singapore’s top shopping spots for a buying splurge.

Vivo City

Singapore’s largest retail mall measures over 92,000 sq meters so you can best believe that Harbour Front’s futuristic Vivo City is a world of its own. Not only does this mall offer an exhilarating shopping experience, but also an entertaining experience allowing visitors to spend a full day without ever getting bored. With a rooftop water park, amphitheater, open-air playground, and a load of dining options, it makes perfect sense. Vivo City is truly a concept of lifestyle. From housewares to toys to fashion to books, there’s a shop or two for every category.

Haji Lane

For vintage lovers and creative ‘fashionistas’, Haji Lane is your hotspot. Located in Kapong Glam, this lane has quaint boutiques, one after the next, with rare pieces making it a true treasure hunt. Oh and these rare styles come at valuable costs! This unpredictable shopping mission is sure to leave you yearning for more visits to the charming Haji Lane. As a vintage clothing collector, believe me!

Orchard Road

One of the first or second places most travelers to Singapore visit is Orchard Road – not necessarily for shopping, but for it’s general popularity. Orchard Road is THE place to be seen. Spanning close to 2.2km in length, it is complete with 22 malls, 6 department stores, and a whole lot more. A bit on the pretentious side, the Orchard Road shops may break your bank, but who said you can’t window shop?

Sim Lim Square

Tech-lovers and geeks will feel at home or in heaven at Sim Lim Square. This six floored center is Singapore’s largest electronic shopping center. Forget clothes and accessories, Sim Lim Square only caters to selling gadgets from cameras to computers at excellent prices, especially on the higher floors. You probably won’t find better deals on this stuff anywhere else in the city.

Sungei Road Thieves Market

Once-a-place to buy stolen goods, hence the name, Sungei Road Thieves Market is a completely different shopping experience than the rest. There’s nothing charming or pretentious about this one, especially being filled with so much junk. But it is the place to find lots of oddities at bargain prices. With a history and all its junk, it’s Singapore’s oldest market, which says a lot – visitors can’t get enough.

This is only a small fraction of what Singapore offers to shoppers, and Singapore offers a so much more than just shopping. If and when you find yourself in this country, you should be prepared to enjoy…with stamina and a stuffed wallet!

About the Author:
  Lauren Vita Sgarlato quit her corporate New York lifestyle in 2009 to explore the world for a few months. Little did she know, a few months would turn into years. She set her dayjob ‘online’ with websites such as http://thaholiday.com/, to allow her the freedom to wander…and write!

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