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20 Feb

Travel Book Review – Lonely Planet’s Cooks, Clowns, and Cowboys is a Winner!

Today it is my great pleasure to write a travel book review for Lonely Planet’s newly published, Cooks, Clowns and Cowboys – 101 Skills and Experiences to Discover on Your Travels.

Cooks__Clowns_and_CowboysA travel book review can sometimes be a chore trying to put a new spin on a typical compilation of ‘must-see’ sites and reviews of traditional tourist stops. I’m happy to say,  this is not the case with Cooks, Clowns and Cowboys.  I was almost giddy with excitement when the book arrived and today I indulged my imagination with a journey across the globe sampling unique experiences as I turned each page.

This unusual travel guide is an introduction to over one hundred unique cultural experiences that travelers can plug into as they go adventuring.   Have you ever wanted to dance a sensual rumba in Havana, ride with  Gauchos in Argentina, paint Easter Eggs in the Ukraine or learn how to keep a perfect poker face in Las Vegas?  This travel book will spark your imagination with opportunities to leave the tourist trail and mingle with locals and learn new skills.

The immersion experiences are grouped into categories Music & Dance, Food & Drink, Arts & Crafts, Culture & Language, Flora & Fauna, Mind & Body and Active, clearly something for everyone.  This travel book is a gateway to local artisans and cultural icons, and serves as an icebreaker to interact with the heart and soul of the country you are visiting.

Some of my favorite experiences include:
Cheese Making in Malta, Pg 38
Perfume School in France, Pg 46
Weave a Blanket on Kodiak Island, Pg 74
Learn Shaman Skills in the Amazon, Pg 78
Make Clay Pots in Cappadocia, Pg 136
Distill a Dream Dram in Scotland, Pg 156
Gelato Lessons in Bologna, Pg 192

But you’ll find your own experiences to light your travel flame.  I for one can’t wait to go adventuring again, learn some great new skills and meet local artisans up close and personal.  Pick up this great new travel book and dream about your own new adventure!





























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