Top Adventure Activities in Costa Rica For The Thrill of Your Life

Top adventure activities you will love in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the place to go if you want an adventure vacation. The place which is considered to be a paradise on earth for tourists is also a great place for adventure travel. When it comes to activities for a travel adventurer, Costa Rica has a plethora of activities to offer.  A glance at the various adventure events available for travelers will help you plan your journey to Costa Rica. Careful advance planning is always a must when adventuring in a new destination.

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Here’s a sampling of the Top Adventure Activities in Costa Rica

Canoeing Tour

Canoeing is one of the most interesting sports in Costa Rica – tour itineraries are simply awesome. Traveling through the rainforests, viewing wild animals in their natural habitat, battling out against the force of water, descending at waterfalls, all provide an unforgettable experience even to an experienced adventure traveler. Finding the right operator is the key to complete enjoyment of a canoe tour. The local tour operators can assign you with a guide to help you with the canoeing gear and explain the nuances involved in the sport. The operators take complete care from the start to end of the tour and even drop you right back at your place of stay.

Canopy zip line tour

Zip Line Tour Costa Rica

Canopy zip line tours are exceptionally popular in Costa Rica. A long history of  providing access to beautiful and remote areas, on a thrilling zip ride has gained the attention of global tourists. The steel cables and platforms that are suspended at varying heights between trees and over the canoeing itinerary can provide an exciting experience to adventure travelers. Apart from being an adrenaline sport, the activity also involves educating visitors on the Eco system of the country. Canopy zip lines are available in nearly areas of Costa Rica. However, a select few such as the ones in Monteverdi, Arenal, and Manuel Antonio are more exciting than the rest.

White water rafting

White Water Rafting Costa Rica

White water rafting is yet another great opportunity to experience Costa Rica in its natural grandeur. The tour companies involved in white water rafting have meticulously classified the sport into various categories depending on the level of adventure as requested by the traveler.

The corobici river in Guanacaste is ideal for level one and two of the sport with small waves, few riffles and obstacles. You can take your entire family through the enticing waterways. You can also spot rare species of birds and wildlife along the river. White water rafting in corobici river is truly a wonderful experience. In case you would like to experience adrenaline flow, you got to the Rio Pacuare a class of level three and four river with medium to large irregular waves and requires sharp maneuvering skills to avoid obstacles. Rafting in pacuare river is loaded with tropical adventures and great experiences. The eco adventure of white water rafting in Costa Rica ranges from a day’s tour to multi-day trips according to the aspiration of the tourists.

Scuba diving

Scuba Diving

One of the best way to explore the rich aquatic life of Costa Rica is through scuba diving. Isla del Cano in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica has splendid views for scuba diving with crystal clear water and abundant marine spices from to sharks to tropical fishes. The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica has 35 species of coral reefs and 500 species of fishes and sea fans to be explored by a scuba diver. The scuba diving facilities in Caribbean coast is not well developed comparing to the Pacific side. December to April is the better season to plan your Caribbean side scuba diving.

Volcano Exploration:


Costa Rica is a land of amazing natural diversity with stunning volcanoes. Volcano exploration is one of the adventure activity that will deliver long lasting memories. The most active volcano in Costa Rica is the Arenal volcano located in the northwest of the country. The volcanoes in Costa Rica are surrounded by lakes, rivers and tropical forest which provides opportunities other activities like swimming, fishing, hiking and birds watching.

If you are planning your next vacation trip to Costa Rica, do not miss these adventurous experiences. Visit Costa Rica and create sweet memories for the rest of your life.

About the Author:  Luis Diego Jimenez, works for Edentia – A Costa Rica Adventure Tour Packages Provider. Passionate for tourism, he has traveled and explored all the country. Edentia provides the opportunity for travelers to enjoy Costa Rica and get the best travel experience.
Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Commons

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