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25 Mar

5 of The World’s Most Luxurious and Expensive Hotel Rooms – Live The Life Of The Uber-Rich!

As celebrities and the uber-rich have demand even more luxury and indulgence, the 5-star rating is no longer sufficient indication that the hotel is the best.  Six-star has yet to come of age, but there are still incredible suites and rooms in the world’s most expensive hotels that command a tariff more than the average annual salary – per night! Here are some examples – be prepared to drool!

1. Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons, New York

Ty-Warner Penthouse Suite

Price: US $35,000 per night

New York is infamous for its expensive hotel accommodation, but the Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons takes the cake. The 4,300 square foot beauty is lavishly appointed and boasts unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline and Central Park. The penthouse includes a grand piano, a spectacular chandelier and fabrics woven with gold and platinum. It also comes with a private butler and chauffeur to take you anywhere in the city. But with all the amenities in the penthouse, guests have no reason to leave.

2. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Casino & Resort, Las Vegas

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

Price: US $40,000 per night

Overlooking the dazzling lights of the famous Las Vegas strip, the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms Casino & Resort is 10,000 square feet of total rock star indulgence. The 2-storey, 2-bedroom suite features a cantilevered swimming pool with the best views in town. In true Playboy style, it is decorated with racy artwork and photographs, a giant rotating circular bed and a hot tub with plenty of room for more than one. To top things off is a bar and an indoor waterfall. Famous previous guests include Kanye West, who undoubtedly has enough to foot the hefty $40,000/night bill.

3. The Presidential Suite, The Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India

Raj Palace

Price: US$45,000 per night

At nearly 16,000 square feet, the Presidential Suite at the Raj Palace Hotel is one of the largest hotel rooms in all of Asia. It’s also the continent’s most opulent. The 4-bedroom suite spans four separate floors, and comes with its own private entrance. Once the home of Indian royalty, the Presidential Suite is truly fit for a king, and has been meticulously maintained and decorated. Furniture and accents paying homage to centuries past fill this sumptuous space. One of the many highlights of the suite is its private museum, which holds the original thrones of the Maharajahs.

4. Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens

Royal Villa

Price: US$45,000 per night

Coming complete with a private butler and chef, the Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi is true paradise on Earth. Guests can seek reprieve from the hot Greek sun in either the indoor pool or heated outdoor pool. A private marina and beach is also just a short stroll away. Inside, the villa is comprised of 12,800 feet of contemporary luxury. Along with clear views of the Aegean Sea, guests have access to three smartly-designed bedrooms as well as a piano that comes with a pianist.

5. Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite

Price: US $65,000 per night

The Royal Penthouse Suite is the preferred hotel room of choice for heads of state visiting Switzerland, as well as security and privacy conscious business people and celebrities. For a cool $65,000/night, you get bullet-proof windows and views of the beautiful Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. There is also, naturally, a private elevator and entryway for guests in addition to a billiard room, private fitness center, and Steinway piano.


About The Author:  This article has been written by Alex a travel and photographer blogger from Australia who writes for the Hotel Traveller. If you are planning an exotic trip to Australia, make sure you read his recent article on the top 10 luxury must dos along the East Coast of Australia.


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