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28 Mar

The Go Caddy – Product Review – A Great New Travel Tote

Have Water… Will Travel… Go Caddy to the rescue!

GoCaddy Tote

Earlier this month Linda and I were off to a conference in Miami where we needed to conveniently carry a bottle of water, business cards, a notebook, cell phone, and still have room left over to stash some primo swag items.  The Go Caddy came to our rescue.  We agreed try try out this handy new shoulder-pack tote, and we’re giving it high marks.

What We Liked About It

Go Caddy ToteLet’s be clear, in our opinion the GoCaddy is not a secure travel pack for your valuables (passport, credit cards and money), but it is a great on-the-go carrier in addition to your hidden money/passport pouch.  After securing your valuables under your clothing (always recommended when traveling abroad), load the GoCaddy up with all the items you’ll need quickly at hand during your day of sightseeing:
Bottle of Water
Mini Umbrella
Tickets and Receipts
Cell Phone
Folding Hat/Tissues/Hand Sanitizer/Sun Tan Lotion/Lip Balm
In other words – everything you go reaching for during the day!

The GoCaddy comes with a thermo sleeve for your beverage bottle, has a pocket with velcro closing flap and a roomy stretch pouch.  We really liked that the Go Caddy is a shoulder bag rather than a backpack design – we liked having all our items immediately accessible.

What Could Be Improved

I found myself wishing that the Go Caddy came in vibrant colors and jazzy designs – basic black is okay… especially for guys, but not inspirational.  Right now the Go Caddy is available in Black, Brown and Red.  I’d love to see the whole thing made of  hot pink neoprene – but that’s just me.  I kept wishing that it had a zipper close pocket so I could store some ready cash in the bag as well as my travel gear.

All in all, we really liked this product and since it’s super light and takes up no space in luggage, we’ll be taking along our Go Caddy whenever we go traveling.  You can order Go Caddy online for $19.99

Happy Travels!

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