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8 Apr

What Are The Weirdest Things Left Behind In A Hotel Room?

While we all worry about whether we have packed everything when we go on holiday – ticking items off lists as we pack our toothbrush, our camera, and our spare undies – it seems some people should be paying more attention to what they are packing when their holiday is over and they’re leaving to go home.

There have been some strange items left behind in hotel rooms, ranging from the peculiar to the downright unbelievable. When it comes to people being left behind in hotel rooms, it’s safe to say that lands in the second category.

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Holidays and travel don’t bring out the best in everyone, and stressful situations can often lead to arguments and flared tempers. However, whether you are getting on with your family members or not, that is no reason to leave one of them behind when you check out of your hotel.

Apparently, a man left his wife behind when he checked out of his Sydney hotel room, although it’s unclear whether he was just forgetful, or had just had enough of her. Another man, who was forgetful, left his mother at the hotel when he checked out, but he did return to claim her, saying he had forgotten she was travelling with him.

Another commonly forgotten family member – while being slightly more forgivable, but no less understandable – is the family pet.

There was Percy the micro pig (fair enough, he would have been small enough to lose), Monty the python (thankfully not left in the same room as Percy), and Porsha the prize-winning cat (left behind by her owner who somehow thought she could enter a cat show without a cat).

There have also been dogs, birds, and even a shark left behind for one poor cleaner to find. A guest had caught the shark and left it in the bathtub, stumped as to why the poor (salt water) shark was having problems surviving in a (fresh water) bathtub.

When it comes to the most common items left behind in hotel rooms, books and teddy bears top the list. One UK hotel chain said 76,500 teddies had been forgotten, along with more than 20,000 books. The most commonly forgotten book was Fifty Shades of Grey, with more than 7000 copies left behind.

As for the more uncommon items, there are some really strange ones. Such as a set of four Power Rangers costumes, a pantomime horse, a winning lottery ticket, a trunk of chocolate, a Wonder Woman outfit, an eight-foot pop-up tanning booth, and a set of false teeth with diamonds.

Makes you wonder what some people are doing when they visit hotels…

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