Circus Restaurant London
11 Apr

London’s Most Eccentric Restaurants

When people think of the perfect meal in London, a huge variety of experiences can come to mind. From Michelin-starred restaurants, to authentic curries in Brick Lane, the city is home to a huge variety of delicious dining options.

For people looking to step outside their comfort zone and discover something new, London also features a range of restaurants renowned for their quirky and eccentric style.  If you’re looking for a dining experience that’s all about the scintillating and the strange, here’s a look at 5 of the best:


Supperclub London

Supperclub is perhaps the most well known of London’s quirky restaurant scene, renowned for serving its guests in bed. The venue centres on a two-floored performance space, which is surrounded by large white beds.

Guests take their seat and are served by any number of quirky waiters. They could be Japanese maids or maybe Italian peasants, and the performance could be anything from a twisted fairy tale to a performance of Animal Farm. Dinner is also served in bed, surrounded by variety of musicians, dancers and acrobats.


Volupte is less styled towards eccentricity and more themed around decadence and delight. It’s the perfect place to unwind and entertain, with delicious cocktails and relaxed dining. It’s all accompanied by some of London’s most daring and exciting cabaret and burlesque performers.


Boisdale Cannary Row

If you fancy a night out with a bit of a twist, the Boisdale range of venues located at Bishopsgate, Canary Wharf and Belgravia will certainly deliver. Boisdale serves a Scottish-themed menu, complete with whiskey, steak and Scottish smoked salmon. You can also relax at the caviar and oyster bar, or perhaps the lavish cigar library.

The themed establishment is more subtle than others, but it still features its unique quirks and eccentricities – keep an eye out for the stuffed parrot and a pop art poster of Chairman Mao. However, while it might feature fewer props and gimmicks, it certainly delivers in terms of flavour and experience.


Circus Restaurant London

With a creative and exciting pan-Asian menu devised by chef Andrew Lassetter, there’s much to love about a night at the Circus without the entertainment. The thing that pulls in the crowds every evening is a gleeful mix of acrobatics, cabaret, ballerinas and scantily clad beauties.

This is a dining experience that is bound to raise a blush on even the sternest of dinner companions. After the dining and entertainment phase has finished, a string of excellent DJs keep the evening alive well into the early hours of the morning.

Les Trois Garcons

Les Tres Garcons

So many of London’s bars look and feel like they’re designed from the same interior design guide. The moody lighting and the sleek interiors can start to be a bit of a yawn. Many of London’s restaurants are going down the same path, with either a hip new age look or a lavish, but cramped, fine dining environment.

Les Trois Garcons certainly knows how to buck the trend, with a truly quirky interior of heavy drapes, oddities around every corner and bizarre stuffed animals. Best of all, the menu is excellent, offering a range of French-inspired delicacies.

About The Author:
This article was written by John Fuster, a freelance architect and dining enthusiast from Nottinghill, London. Currently John is on a tour to find the best restaurants in london.