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16 Apr

Guide To The Best Eco-Lodges of Costa Rica

The eco-lodges of Costa Rica are one of a kind because they offer a fantastic experience through which you can enjoy the natural beauty of this country like never before. These lodges have accommodation units that include eco-friendly furnishings and they take up practices to help conserve the environment. Lodges are situated in close proximity to important national parks and wilderness regions that are popular for birdlife and wildlife. They offer packages that enable visitors to enjoy eco-tours and get close to the natural environment.

Here is a look at some of the best eco-lodges in Costa Rica:

Arenal Observatory Lodge

Arenal Observatory Lodge
The Arenal Observatory Lodge is situated 1.7 miles from Costa Rica’s fabulous and majestic Arenal Volcano. By booking an accommodation here, you’ll get stunning views of the volcano as well as the beautiful Arenal Lake. The lodge has 48 rooms that are spread over various points of the property and which have all latest guest facilities needed for a comfortable stay. The lodge’s restaurants feature the slopes of the Arenal volcano and with its floor to ceiling windows, you can get panoramic views of the volcano. The lodge is surrounded by lovely gardens where you can enjoy seeing the most beautiful flower varieties. You can also enjoy viewing some of the most exciting birdlife here that is native to this part of Costa Rica. The lodge has a lavish swimming pool where you can enjoy swimming amidst the serene beauty of natural surroundings. There are many hiking trails surrounding the lodge where you can explore the beauty of the surroundings of the Arenal volcano, with natural lava flows that happened years ago and much more.

Monteverde Lodge & Gardens
Monteverde Lodge

This lodge is the perfect place for those who want to come and explore the beautiful Monteverde Cloud. The rooms here are wonderfully decorated in an aesthetic style and are equipped with all latest guest comforts that make way for a wonderful staying experience. The balcony rooms offer panoramic views of the surroundings. Those who are interested in studying Costa Rica’s native plant life will find this place to be the best for their purpose. This is the place to come and enjoy special plant varieties such as the exotic Anthuriums, Tree Ferns, Imperial Bromeliads, Beautiful Orchids and Hydrangea. It’s also the perfect place for bird watching as the cloudforest offers opportunities to see countless varieties of birds that cannot be seen anywhere else. There is opportunity for viewing wildlife and for enjoying horseback riding.

La Paloma Lodge
This lodge is located in Drake Bay and as it is situated on a high buff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The lodge’s is situated amidst 24 acres of natural surroundings and its location enables it to offer visitors panoramic views of the bay area. The rooms here are simply fabulous offering all latest facilities needed for utmost guest comfort and make use of very eco-friendly materials. Guests can enjoy lovely rainforests massages in your accommodation unit. They can  take up a variety of activities during their stay such as horseback riding, kayaking, birding, and sport fishing. They can also take up dolphin and whale watching tours. As the lodge is located close to Cano Island, it is easy to reach the island and explore its beauty, enjoy bird watching, explore it wilderness and other activities like camping or hiking. This is an eco-friendly lodge and the owners actively participate in activities at lead to a pristine environment that preserve the natural environment in all its beauty and original qualities.

Rara Avis
Rara Avis
This lodge is located in Costa Rica’s oldest rainforests and offers opportunities for some fantastic outdoor sport activities. This is the place to come to enjoy swimming in beautiful waterfalls, bird watching, and hiking. If you can opt for the eight-room waterfall lodge here which is spacious ad equipped with modern comforts. Each room has a bed, an attached bathroom and a balcony that overlooks the majestic rainforest area. Those who want smaller types of accommodation units can consider the river edge cabin. Each room here comes with double beds, attached baths, and a lovely balcony that offers good views of the natural surroundings. There are also two-bedroom cabins that have bunk beds and a small porch in every room. Each room has a bathroom and it is an ideal choice for budge travelers and students. This is an eco-lodge and there is no electricity is available during the day. It is available however for three to four hours in the night and that also only in certain parts of the lodge.

El Remanso
This lodge is ideal for those who want to indulge in bird watching because it is situated in the south western side of the Osa Penissula, whihc is well-known for its lovely and bio-diverse rainforests. There are four types of accommodation options here  – classic cabins, deluxe cabins, deluxe rooms and standard suites, each of which are equipped with guest facilities that make way for a comfortable stay. This is the place to come to enjoy sleeping in hammocks and enjoy canopy breakfasts. There is opportunity here to indulge in a variety of activities such as bird watching tours, night hikes in the jungle wilderness, and stroll across the beach area, and experience rainforest massage which is very therapeutic

Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge
This is an eco-lodge that is set amidst lush wilderness where you can get a chance to become close to nature and experience it at close quarters. The accommodation offered is in the form of cabins, suites and guest houses, each of which have facilities such as comfortable bedding, hot shower ceiling fans and mosquito netting. The private or open terraces of these accommodations units give panoramic view of the immense forest surroundings. There is a plenty of adventure opportunities here such as hiking through the eco-forests, going on national park trails, water hiking, taking the Piscina Grande Trail, whereby you can explore the native natural surroundings and wildlife. You can also take up canopy tours and medicinal plants tours. Those interested in bird watching should consider the lodge’s bird watching vacation package which gives a comprehensive guide to bird watching in this area. Other interesting activities that can be undertaken during your time here are cycling, horseback riding and a trip to the botanical gardens.   This lodge is a member of the International eco-tourism society, a part of Foana Fifo and a host of organizations that spot eco-tourism. The lodge offers a 25 percent discount for national and Costa Rica citizens who book accommodation here.

Pacuare Lodge
Pacuare Lodge

This lodge is one that conserves 300 hectares of rainforest area and offer eco-friendly lodging facilities. It also participates in activities that benefit the local communities in its surroundings. The accommodations offered here is in the form of bungalows and suites, each of which is well-decorated and equipped with modern facilities that are oriented toward eco-friendliness concepts. Guests are offered comfortable bedding private pools, solar heated showers, eco-concierge etc, which enriches their staying experience. The lodge’s culinary delights are exemplary showcasing gourmet dishes and haute cuisine. This lodge offers the perfect surroundings for candle-lit dinners and various kinds of outdoor expeditions such as bird watching and Pacuare River rafting expeditions. It also offer means for exciting nature adventures like enjoying the Manual Antonio beach through sea kayaking and snorkeling and exploring the Manual Antonio national park through trails.

Lapa Rios – This is a fantastic eco-lodge that is situated on 1000 acres of lowland tropical and rainforests and overlooks the points where the Golfo Dulce joins the Pacific Ocean. The accommodation units here are spacious and equipped with all necessary guests such as like good bedding, shower, fans etc. It is decorated with bamboo furnishings and inclusive of private balconies dotted with plants. This is a lodge that gives you aesthetic interiors that enables you to enjoy a sense of becoming close to nature like nowhere else. It is suitable for family vacations, honeymoon getaways, and weddings. The lodge offers you the chance to take authentic rainforest massage treatment, yoga lessons and chi kung classes.  It provides opportunity to take up various types of adventure tours such as matapalo tour, sunset bird tours, medicine tour, waterfall tours, sea and mangrove kayak tour, horseback riding in bijagual farm and much more. All this gives an exotic vacationing experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Luis Diego Jimenez, works for Edentia – A Costa Rican travel agency which offers various types of Vacation packages, Costa Rica Eco Lodges, and custom made Ecotourism to explore the beauty of Costa Rica and provide you the unforgettable travel experience.
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