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17 Apr

Here a Villa, There a Villa – Top Villa Rentals in Tuscany

While staying in Italy most folks choose a base in an established, international hotel chain in the major urban centres. However, some of the more romantic and memorable accommodations are to be found in converted, traditional Italian villas and secular buildings that are scattered around the rich Tuscan countryside.   There are many Tuscany villas for rent throughout the countryside which are ideal for family holidays.

Styles of Villa Accommodations

Accommodation in Tuscany is wide ranging and often extraordinary, with something likely to suit families with kids of all ages. Whether you are looking for rooms that are baby friendly or grounds that are ideal for adventurous teenagers there are lots of options throughout the province. All are virtually guaranteed to be situated in idyllic surroundings and you will find that you’re never far from interesting attractions or historic towns.


Agritourismo Tuscany

The most common form of accommodation these days is the Agriturismo, a rural destination, on a working farm. These are typically olive or wine producers and occasionally  you may encounter herds of sheep or stray cows wandering around. They tend to be located in more remote, peaceful locations and most have swimming pools and lovely gardens in which to relax. Places that offer full board will more than likely prepare food using ingredients grown on the premises, which adds that extra special taste to your stay. Fresh eggs, homemade jams and locally baked breads are the typical features of staying in an agriturismo.


Borgo Tuscany

The borgo is an abandoned, small, ancient hamlet that has been restored to its former glory. These special places will feature an array of interesting living arrangements, always situated in spectacular scenery. Such historic places are great for families with older kids as they tend to have lots of nooks and crannies for them to explore and most likely will feature a swimming pool and are regularly fitted out with gym or sauna facilities too. Some of the larger more established borgo have on site shopping and even golf courses.

Residenza d’Epoca

Residenza dEpoca

These are magical, boutique historical buildings that have been turned into holiday residences. They come in a fabulous range of styles and include old monasteries, castles, fortified manor houses and converted watch towers. Wonderfully evocative places, sumptuously decorated, where children can let their imaginations run riot as they explore the heart of the Italian countryside, while adults drink in the sunshine and the delicious, local wines.

Country Resorts

Cortona Tuscany
Many of the country resorts around Tuscany revolve around a feature in the landscape, the original use of the property or are inspired by previous owners. Some of the most relaxing resorts are the terme, spa resorts that use the naturally heated, Tuscan mineral waters to provide beautiful, restorative places to swim and unwind. These Tuscany villas for rent with warm bubbling waters from the rock and steaming cascades also provide great entertainment for kids of all ages.

About The Author:  Mark and his wife Sarah are two Brits that got fed up with the English weather and decided to settle in Italy ten years ago. They’ve bought a country villa in Tuscany and regularly blog about the (mis)adventures of foreigners in Italy.
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