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25 Apr

Where To Find The Most Fun Bars in Las Vegas

Where will you find the most fun bars in Las Vegas?
Well, not all bars and restaurants in Las Vegas are created equal. Other than serving delicious drinks and food, many are offering something that others don’t – something really fun and entertaining.  Some have way more fun factor than others.


Here are five of the most unusual, fun bars and restaurants in Las Vegas, perfect for an all-night party or just to grab a few drinks before your show starts.

Carnaval Court Bar & Grill
Location: Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel, 3475 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Fun Factors: open-air concept, centralized stage, flair bartenders, live music bands, talented staff

Carnaval Court Bar & Grill is the ultimate fun bar located in the heart of Las Vegas. The bar is famous not just for its delicious cocktails and snacks – it embraces every visitor with music, dancing and fun-loaded atmosphere. Carnaval Court boasts one of the most famous flair bars in the country. Multitalented bartenders dance, juggle flaming bottles and mix energizing cocktails at the same time.

Another special feature of the Carnaval Court bar is its centralized rounded stage for live music bands. The stage allows a perfect view for everyone from every corner of the bar. If you don’t feel like dancing, you can also play blackjack at one of its tables, or just watch happy people having fun.

Dick’s Last Resort
Location: Excalibur Hotel and Casino, 3850 S Las Vegas Blvd

Fun Factors: one-of-a-kind atmosphere, vulgar humor, unique service

Rightfully called “The Shame O’ The Strip”, famous not as much for its food, but for the way it’s served, Dick’s Last Resort Bar & Restaurant stands out thanks to the unforgettable treatment they give their visitors. You will need very stable nerves and a healthy sense of humor if you are heading to Dick’s Last Resort. The wait staff here are trained at making fun of you with jokes bordering on obscenity, silly pranks and rude comments. If you are able to not take this personally – your ribs will hurt with laughter. You can even “order” a few pranks for your friends, if you aren’t scared they might pay back the favor.

Nevertheless, they will serve you old good American burgers and other delicious food. Besides, although it does offer plenty of souvenirs and unique merchandise you could take home with you, Dick’s Last Resort offers you something you cannot buy with money – unique memories from your trip to Las Vegas.

Gilley’s Saloon, Dance Hall & Bar-B-Que
Location: Treasure Island, 3300 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Fun Factors: western country style, saloon girls with cowboy hats, bikini bull riding, lots of meat

For a juicy steak or grilled ribs and a spirited country music, put on your cowboy hat head over to Gilley’s Saloon. This is a country-themed restaurant and a must-visit destination if you love the notion of cowgirls and the entire Wild West culture. The atmosphere at this Las Vegas bar is so much fun that chances are soon you will find yourself shaking legs with saloon girls on the dance floor, or even courageously riding a mechanical bull.

Gilley’s Saloon always have something to entertain their visitors with any day of the week. You can listen to the live music, or try your voice in karaoke contest. For those who have always dreamed of becoming a country dancer, professional instructors give dance lessons right at the restaurant. If that’s not enough to convince you to visit this restaurant, check out  (or participate) in their bikini bull riding competition on Thursdays and Sundays!

Hard Rock Café Las Vegas
Location: Showcase Mall, near the MGM Grand Hotel, 3771 S. Las Vegas Blvd

Fun Factors: rock n’ roll memorabilia, interactive displays, live music concerts

The giant neon guitar is a lighthouse that attracts music fans of all ages in this venue. Hard Rock Café is all about music, rock n’ roll, and entertainment. This spacious café greets you with neon lights, legendary rock music and a unique atmosphere.

The decor of the Café  includes authentic rock memorabilia from microphones to guitars to personal things belonging to real rock stars.  A huge touch-screen “Rock Wall” unveils in details facts from the history of music, year by year. You will need more than one visit to embrace all the variety of exhibits and memorabilia of Hard Rock Café.

The Café also hosts various events, from private parties to concerts of world famous artists. Filled with an energetic spirit of rock n’ roll, Hard Rock Café is a signature destination in Vegas.

Blondies Sports Bar & Grill
Location: Planet Hollywood, 3663 Las Vegas Blvd S

Fun Factors: sports bar, large screens, casual food, your favourite game

While visiting Las Vegas for pleasure or for business, you may just want to do something you do at home: have a large mug of beer and catch your favorite sports game with your friends. Blondies Sports Bar & Grill is just the place to go to  to watch a sports game.  The place  is active, loud and energetic and has everything you’d expect from a good old sports bar –  cheering sport fans, banners, casual environment and flickering screens. Just order a bowl of spicy wings and a beer, and relax, lazily watching the game and chatting with you friends. And the most important – enjoy your stay in Las Vegas!

About The Author:  This article was provided by Svetlana Rubejov  – a fellow travel writer. Visit her website Las Vegas Entertainment And Travel Guide for more vacation ideas and to learn about other fun things to do in the Sin City.



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