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30 Apr

5 Must See Seattle Experiences

Here’s Our Recommendation For 5 Seattle Experiences You Simply Must See

It’s famous for coffee, rain, and airplanes. It’s the birthplace of grunge and Microsoft, and the hometown of Dr. Frasier Crane and the setting for Grey’s Anatomy. It has one of the world’s most iconic skylines, surrounded on all sides by astonishing natural beauty.

There are many things to bring to you Seattle, but here are a few you just shouldn’t leave without experiencing.

Sample the perfect cup of coffee

Seattles Best Coffee

Seattlites drink more coffee than anybody else in America, and the whole city vibrates with the energy of coffee shops on almost every corner. Aside from the world-famous chains, Seattle also boasts a huge variety of independently owned cafes, and many of them roast their own coffee on site. The choice is yours, but locals swear by Seattle Coffee Works, on Pike Street and 1st Avenue.

Ascend the Space Needle

Seattle Skyline

Seattle’s most beloved icon, the Space Needle offers spectacular 360° views of the city’s skyline and beautiful mountain ranges: the Cascade Mountains to the East, and the Olympic mountains to the west. With both indoor and outdoor viewing areas, you can enjoy the sights no matter what the weather. I recommend going up twice: once in the daytime and once at night for the full glory of the city lights! If you’re in the mood for a meal, you can savor Pacific Northwest cuisine as you watch the world go by at SkyCity, the Space Needle’s revolving restaurant!

Enjoy a cruise around Elliot Bay and Seattle Harbor

Elliott Bay Seattle Sightseer

See the sights from a different perspective on a cruise around the bay. With wide observation decks and spirited narration, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the colorful waterfront and learn about the history and culture of Seattle. Wrap up well to stay warm and dry, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to enjoy a drink at the on-board bar!

Visit the Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Seattle

It’s one of Seattle’s best-loved tourist attractions, and it really is a must-see. Over a hundred years old,  it’s teeming with antique shops, local traders, and family-owned restaurants. The fishmongers put on a great show with their witty banter and famous “flying fish”—look up and you just might find a salmon soaring overhead! Most of the market is indoors on several levels, so it’s a great place to dry off while you sample the fresh food and stop to smell the roses in the insanely low-priced flower stalls. If you need to top off your caffeine levels, the world’s first Starbucks is right there on the corner! The market can get very crowded, especially on weekends, so go early in the day if you’d like a bit more elbow room.

Take a spin on the Seattle Great Wheel

Great Wheel Seattle

My inner child is enchanted by gorgeous big wheels, and this one offers another incredible view of this city’s breathtaking sights. The slow, smooth ride is suitable for the whole family, with children under 3 going free. The waiting areas and gondolas are fully enclosed, so the weather will never stop this big wheel from turning. If it’s a special occasion and you want to splash out, you can reserve the glass-bottomed VIP Gondola, which includes a champagne toast, souvenir t-shirt, and a personal escort to the front of the line!

It was difficult to pick just five Seattle experiences to share with you! I’ve only scratched the surface here: I haven’t even mentioned any of the museums, galleries, and other attractions. Seattle really is an amazing place to visit. There’s great information on the official tourist site, and before I forget, here’s my top tip: you can get from the airport to the city on the local light rail service for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee!

About The Author:  This post was provided by Dan Patterson, who works for CityPASS. With the Seattle CityPASS you can see six of the top attractions in Seattle for a huge discount, and you’ll get to skip a lot of the ticket lines! Find out more on our website.
Photo Credits:  Wikimedia Creative Commons


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