12 May

How To Keep Lilacs From Wilting

It seems I wait all year long for the precious few weeks of lilac season in New England.  One of the very first purchases we made after buying our first home was to add a purple lilac bush.  And like you, I have always found it frustrating to find them wilting after just a few hours in the vase.


I have finally found the easy solution to this situation.

Here’s what to do to keep your lilac’s fresh longer:

#1 Snip blossom off bush with sharp shears, making an angled cut, drop immediately into water if at all possible, and bring your fragrant bouquet into the house
#2 Trim excess green leaves from stems

#3 Place on a cutting board and hammer the ends (about 1/2 inch of bottom tips) to split the stems and allow more water to be absorbed

#4 Arrange your bouquet in a clean vase filled with HOT water from the tap.  The hot water seems to encourage the blooms to take up more water

#5 Change the water daily replacing with warm water

Enjoy your beautiful lilacs for days!

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