13 May

Bangkok’s Weird and Wonderful Restaurants

Bangkok is well known as the Sin City of Asia, turning its peculiar oddities into the very reason to visit. It comes as no surprise then that the city is home to a number of themed restaurants, from the seemingly straightforward to the downright strange.

Here are five of our favourite weird and wonderful restaurants in Bangkok.

Be served by robots – Hajimi Robot Restaurant

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If you’ve ever fantasized about a world where robots rule, then Hajimi Robot Restaurant is the place for you. After choosing from the Japanese food available and ordering your meal on a touch screen at your table, a mechanical robot will duly bring it out to you about 5 to 15 minutes later. What’s more, every so often, all of the robots will stop what they’re doing and perform a dance for your entertainment – it’s worth a visit for this alone!

Address:  9/27 3/F, Monopoly Park Rama 3, Bangkok

Dine by your blood type -The Third Floor

Don’t worry; it’s not as gruesome as it sounds! The Third Floor is a restaurant that simply serves you a particular menu according to which blood type you are. It’s based on the belief that – much like star signs – that your blood type can indicate something about your personality and wellbeing and therefore that certain foods are beneficial to your body. Even if you’re not sure what your blood type is or you don’t believe the hype, the food is still delicious enough to warrant a visit.

Address:  Verasu Building, 83/7 Wireless Road, Bangkok

Flying unicycle chicken – Ka-tron

If you’ve ever been told not to play with your food, then it’s time to get your own back at Ka-tron restaurant. Here, if you order ‘the fly chicken’, then you’re in for a treat of a show! When your fried chicken is ready, it’ll be placed on a flaming catapult and launched through the air at the sound of a bell. Don’t worry about its safety though, a waiter on a unicycle wearing a helmet with a giant spike is waiting to catch it and bring it to your table. Of course.

Address:  Bangna-Trad Road Km1, Bangkok

Sex education themed restaurant – Cabbages & Condoms

Probably one of the weirdest pairings in existence, you can’t fault the ethics behind Cabbages & Condoms – they believe that birth control should be as accessible and buying vegetables in the market. To overcome reluctance to talk about STDs etc, the restaurant uses fun visuals and gives every diner a condom as an alternative to an after-dinner mint. What’s more, all of the proceeds go towards the Population & Community Development Association (PDA) meaning that you can help a good cause whilst having a giggle at the condom statues.

 Address: Sukhumvit Soi 12, Bangkok

Catch your own dinner – Por Kung Pao

At Por Kung Pao, they’ve taken the self-serve buffet idea to the next level. Armed with your own little rod and net, you’re expected to fish your own dinner out of the giant shrimp pond. Once you’ve chosen your victims, your meal will be prepared for you. But beware because the onus is on you – if you don’t catch anything, you don’t eat! So if you’re the competitive type, this place could be hours of fun!

Address:  91/2 Ratchadapisk Road, Bangkok

So if you want to experience a night of dining that defies even the weirdest of imaginations, Bangkok is the city for you. This season, Expedia have some great deals on flights to Bangkok to get you there.

About The Author:  Josie Sampson is a lifestyle writer, newly based in London. Combining a love of travel with one of fashion and culture, you’ll often find her exploring new places and writing about her experiences there.


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