22 May

Top Things To Do in Bridgetown Barbados

It’s often hard to choose a place to go on holiday and then there’s the task of actually planning your supposedly ‘relaxing’ time away with things to do and see. If your destination is Barbados, we have great advice on what to do and how to spend two days in the capital city of Bridgetown.

Barbados Sunset

Day One.

A bit of historical sightseeing would be the perfect way to start your day off, so pop along to see the bronze statue of Admiral Lord Nelson in what was known as Barbados’ Trafalgar Square (renamed later as National Hero’s Square). The statue is situated across from the Barbados Parliament buildings and was erected there in 1813.  Remember to keep your wits about you however, and avoid wearing flashy jewellery in order to escape the attention of any pickpockets who may be operating in the area.

Moving on swiftly you could then try something a little more fun and daring like Barry’s Surf Barbados Surf School. You don’t have to be an experienced surfer, you can be a beginner and they still welcome you to have a go at one of the world’s most popular water sports – while you’re in Barbados you might as well enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

If surfing wouldn’t do the trick, then maybe try having a fun time at Atlantis Submarines! This is a family friendly attraction, Atlantis Submarine adventure is one of the most unique and most popular attractions in Barbados. You will be in a real submarine, with viewports all around, fully submerged in the aquamarine Caribbean Sea, so why wouldn’t you try this once in a lifetime experience? Unless you go twice – the point is it’s definitely worth a visit!

To finish off the long day of sea life entertainment and to relax those muscles after learning or improving your surfing abilities, what else would you have to do other than visit Mount Gay Rum Refinery? You could sit back and enjoy the glorious sunset as you taste an array of different rums which had humble beginnings in the early eighteenth century. They offer Silver Rum, Spiced Rum and even the original mixture from 1703. This would be the perfect and slightly intoxicating wonderful relaxed finish to day one of Bridgetown Barbados.

Day Two.

After day one being so packed full and spending most of it on your feet, you might like to see more of Barbados in style? Why not book a day trip on Horizon Helicopter Tours? This fifty mile tour is sure to have you drooling at the sheer wonderment of the Island of Barbados. The best part is that you don’t have to share your adventure with strangers, as the tours are exclusively private, accommodating up to three passengers.  Go as a couple for a romantic interlude.  The pilots are native to the Island and give a very in-depth and personal narrative about the Island.

Your heli-tour can include the rugged beauty of the Atlantic east coast or the graceful beauty of the luxurious West coast Villas.  The cost isn’t much more than a boat tour and it would be well worth it considering you would be definitely guaranteed a window seat so there won’t be any arguing with your friend/beloved.

After a day of soaking up the rich beauty of the island you probably need some fun, so why not drop in on a spectacular little bar called The Boatyard?

The Boatyard is a great place that caters to the need of virtually anyone who might drop by – you can sit and relax outside and enjoy the beautiful dusk sky or you can go inside and hang out, order some food and enjoy entertainment.
If that isn’t enough, you can get dancing to some music and enjoy a few drinks to wind down the evening in sunny Barbados.

In Bridgetown Barbados there is always something to do whether it be relaxing, historic or fun packed adventures no matter what you choose to do it’s sure to be an amazing forty-eight hours in Bridgetown.

About The Author: Michael Rosenburn is a travel blogger who cannot wait for his next trip to Barbados in 2014.

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