Five Thrilling Adventure Activities in Singapore

Singapore MegaZip Adventure Park

It’s not all architecture, shopping and food that attracts travelers to Singapore, you’ll also find great adventure activities as well.

Vacations offer everyone a great opportunity to unwind and relax, and some vacationers tour holiday destinations for the architectural grandeur and beautiful sights. But for adventure junkies trapped inside a monotonous schedule of work, a state of relaxation (read complete inactivity) may not be as pleasurable as a fun-filled adventure vacation.

One of my most adventurous trips was to Singapore. It was a bold plan, as Singapore is known for its cultural heritage, architectural marvels and great food. I never thought Singapore could appease my adventure hunger as well, but as I went in the search of adventure, I was amazed by the choices I found.

Some of my enjoyable and adventurous findings in Singapore include:

1.      Megazip Adventure Park: When you enter Singapore as a tourist, one place that is discussed more often than the rest is the Sentosa Islands. Megazip Adventure Park is one of the most adventurous spots in Sentosa. If you’re looking for some exciting aerial thrills and car rides, there can be no better place for you than Megazip Adventure Park. I had a great time there with adventurous indulgences like Parajump, MegaBounce trampoline and free-fall simulators. There is also an exciting rope obstacle course there, which appeases people of all age groups.

Singapore MegaZip Adventure Park

2.      Underwater World: You are going to love  the Underwater World in Singapore just as much as anyone else. You can grab a good chance to be close enough to dolphins to get a friendly peck or two on your cheek. It is an incredibly enriching experience, which may even help you fulfil your dream of swimming alongside sharks. Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime, if you’re already gearing up for a visit to the Underwater world in Singapore.

3.       Singapore Flyer: There is no greater adventure than riding on the Singapore Flyer. The Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel that appears as an observation wheel to an onlooker. Riding on the Singapore Flyer is definitely worth a try, especially if you wish to enjoy the scenic beauty of Singapore from a great height. The view from the Flyer is amazing, and so are the feelings experienced during that time. It is a sensational experience, and the seating is quite comfortable.

Singapore Flyer

4.       Swim to infinity: Every adventure seeker should apply for a Singapore Visa to enjoy some of its most adventure sights and spots. You can come across a huge pool that extends to over 12400 square meters of area, on top of the Marina Bays Sands resort. The unnerving sensation that accompanies most individuals while they swim across the world’s highest pool may make you feel slightly dizzy.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

5.      Wall Climbing: Singapore has almost every sport or activity for different kinds of adventure seekers. If you’ve intended to climb walls all your life, why not visit Borderx in Singapore? It is quite safe, while it provides you the thrill and ecstasy of climbing rocks or walls at the same time. The place is usually brimming with adventurous tourists and Singaporeans who love to climb their way to adventure.

Everything about Singapore triggers an adventurous instinct inside most tourists. If you’re looking to enjoy some excellent adventure, consider paying the Lion City a visit for its cultural mosaic and lip-smacking foods.

About The Author:  Peter Lee is a consultant and has been writing on Singapore visa. He is a travel buff and an avid blogger, who likes to study the work and business cultures of different places.


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