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Lisbon Fish and Flavours
4 Jun

Portugal’s Biggest Seafood Festival – Lisbon Fish and Flavours

I had heard about Lisbon Fish & Flavours which is held in Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon in April, and committed to attend this year.  It was a great experience and real fun attending the festival.

Lisbon Fish and Flavours

This was the sixth year of “Lisbon Fish & Flavours” festival and it was a joy to taste freshly prepared seafood delicacies offered by some of the most famous chefs from Portugal and abroad. Renowned chefs who displayed their culinary skills included Vitor Sobral, Marlene Vieira, Tomoaki Kanazawa, Miguel Castro Silva, Alexandre Silva, José Avillez (Portugal), Mauro Uliassi, Nuno Barros, Nuno Diniz (Italy), Adrien Trouilloud, Bertílio Gomes (France), Bella Masano, Virgilio Martinez, Fausto Airoldi (Brazil), among others.

10 of the most reputed restaurants from the Lisbon region organized fish and seafood tastings to showcase the best of the Portuguese sea. These restaurants included Umai, Spazio Buondi / Nobre, Sea Me – Peixaria Moderna, Peixaria da Esquina, Ribamar, José Avillez, G-Spot, Can The Can and A Travessa, Assinatura.

A host of activities was organized at “Lisbon Fish & Flavours 2013” as well. It was great fun seeing renowned chefs giving live cooking performances. A traditional contest is held each year;“The best Pastel de Nata of Lisbon”.  This year a new parallel event “Young Chefs With Guts” was also held simultaneously. This event was aimed at promoting the “number 2” of top restaurants. The “Young Chefs With Guts”, apart from presenting two dinners at Cantina da Estrela, also made a live cooking presentation with mackerel fish at the Lisbon seafood festival.

Lisbon Fish and Flavours

Festival participants got to learn the best cooking tricks in fun sessions with great chefs. On Saturdays, in the “Kitchen for Kids” section included special cooking classes for kids between 6 and 10 years old. During these fun moments, kids were acquainted with the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet.

Among other events organized were “Tasting With Experts” and “Wine Pairing”. During “Tasting With Experts”  visitors benefited by expanding their knowledge about gourmet products, waters, beers and wines. In “Wine Pairing” session the chefs showed their inspiration by creating fish and seafood based dishes to pair with wine.

This year a Gourmet Market was also hosted at the event where nearly 500 products were showcased. The products on display for tasting and buying included cheese, jam, wines, olive oil, traditional sweets and fish.

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