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Manet, En Bateau
18 Jun

Staycations..Neighcations, Do You Know The Latest Travel Buzzwords?

In an effort to further compartmentalize, re-market and glamorize the kinds of trips we travellers enjoy, it seems that the emergence of a new generation of travel buzzwords has only just begun.

In May 2013, one of the latest additions to the colourful dictionary of modern travel was added: a ‘flocation’.

Manet, En Bateau

The word, coined by boating holiday specialist and originally reported by Travel Mole, puts a spin on the concept of a ‘staycation’ – a word in itself recently created to describe a stay-in-your-own-country (or State) for a holiday.

With so many travel buzzwords being coined these days, perhaps we should be asking ourselves if this is all just a bit of fun, or whether there really is some clever marketing in action.

If it is the latter, how often will these titles stick with us and fall into common conversation, and which ones should we throw back to whence they came?

Here Are Our Favorite Travel Buzzword Hits

‘Glamping’ – This word blend (to give it its proper English language definition) of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ has gained probably the most ground in the last few years, becoming commonplace dialect amongst the holidaymaking community. It appeals not only because it makes sense and rolls off the tongue nicely, but because it also embellishes what camping is today – a more luxury affair, far removed from the low-budget holiday-for-all camping of the 1970s.

‘Daycation’ isn’t that bad a phrase either. While it’s true to say that you might as well just call this ‘a one-day holiday’, a daycation has somewhat of a practical, descriptive flow to it; one that neither offends nor confuses users’ about what this buzzword means.

‘Cinetourism’ is similarly a straightforward affair, denoting the kinds of trips where travel destinations are influenced by the medium of cinema. A trip to New Zealand for example, taken on the basis of visiting the landscapes featured in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films, could be described as cinetourism.

‘Voluntourism’ – this one is again, just about bearable. The idea of combining volunteering and tourism is a popular kind of holiday, typical to those on gap years, or others with time on their hands.

And These Are Buzzword Misses To Banish Forever Into Marketing Trash Baskets

Staycation SignConversely, there are some real hum-dingers out there too.

The Telegraph has most recently rounded up a few of its worst offenders, as surmised below:

‘Neighcation’ is a holiday orientated around horse-riding. Presumably these kinds of holidays are a very niche market.

‘Weightcation’ – any travel provider bold enough to use this phrase must have a decent refund policy. These are holidays in which holidaymakers attempt to lose weight.

What do you get when you’re pregnant and about to travel? A ‘Babymoon’ – that’s what. Babymoon’s must also be a very niche kind of holiday, as most women are advised against travelling far when carrying a child.

‘Brokepacking’. This one really stinks. Surely when you’re backpacking, otherwise known as travelling ‘on a budget’, you’ve already kinda realised that you won’t be sleeping in 5 star hotels every night?

What are your best and worst travel buzz words? Let me know in the comments below.

About The Author: Chris Taylor is a brand journalist and content promotion specialist working on behalf of annual multi-trip travel insurer Alpha Travel. He intends on improving his ‘jetiquette’ on his way to Kefalonia in Greece this summer.
Photo Credits: #1 wikimedia commons, #2 Flickr cc: Will Merydith