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Flying Fishbone Restaurant Aruba
24 Jun

Aruba Restaurants With Fabulous Oceanfront Views

Dining in Aruba is nothing short of a compelling flavor experience filled with excitement and surprise. Aruba is not only known for its wonderful white sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery, but this island also presents a delectable local flavor. Your vacation wouldn’t be complete if you haven’t tried to taste the local cuisines that this island has to offer.  Dining venues are just as different as the menus with new and unusual themes popping up everywhere. Resorts have elegant restaurants, both chic and casual, with bountiful buffets and a night full of entertainment. You can also take pleasure dining on the beach, poolside, in landscaped gardens, panoramic terraces and on moonlight piers. And even the small local establishments in this island also offer good quality of food and delish flavors.

Flying Fishbone

Flying Fishbone Restaurant Aruba

It is known to be one of the cozy and most romantic seaside restaurants in the island, located in Savaneta. Though not right next to any hotels, it is surely worth the taxi ride. The restaurant setting is perfect when wanting to view the sunset; tables are in the sand, so come dining in your flip-flops. Even though the name implies this is a fish restaurant, other courses are also available for meat lovers. This restaurant lets you experience eating on the beach to the next level; here you can eat while your feet are in the ocean. The food is excellent and the service great. This is a must try when staying in Aruba.


Marandi Restaurant

This is Aruba’s Sunset Restaurant and also one of the hidden treasure on Aruba. Marandi has a wonderful ambiance on top of the turquoise waters on the Laguna Pier, either under a very large palapa hut or with the sky as your rooftop. Enjoy a stunning view of the Laguna Bay no matter where you are settled. Take in Aruba’s breathtaking sunset, totally surrounded by fish swimming in the Laguna waters, and later in the day, the sparkling stars right above you. You will surely be delighted with their sumptuous international flavored cuisines, blended with a Caribbean touch. You will also feel at home with the place because they have attentive and friendly staffs that make your dining experience a memorable one.

Passions Beach Bar & Restaurant

 Passions On The Beach Aruba

It is directly situated at the Eagle Beach; it offers the most romantic dinner experience in Aruba. Passions Beach Bar sets up tables, chairs, and tiki torches every night on the beach for a romantic dinner while viewing the sunset. They have various menus that you can choose from and very affordable as well. They also have live music to add to the ambiance during dinner. You may take pleasure dining on a very fine white sands betweens your toes while listening to the soft sound of waves caressing the shore.


Barefoot Restaurant 

Barefoot Restaurant Aruba

It is located on Surfside Beach between the airport and downtown. They have tables overlooking the Caribbean shore under a palapa hut as well as seating on the beach under the stars. Barefoot restaurant is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner because of its intimate tropical ambiance. They have exceptional service and serve up good quality of food. You will also experience dining sitting on the beach with your feet in the sand and feel the tropical breeze while watching the sunset.

Next time, if your thinking of having a great vacation try visiting Aruba and these amazing restaurants.  What’s more wonderful than having a sumptuous meal with a breathtaking view? Enjoy!

About The Author:  This guest post by Louise Bloom, a food lover and a food writer as well.  Cooking is one of her hobbies and find fulfillment when making a delicious recipe. She likes to have a review for great restaurants in aruba.