A Traveler’s Guide To Shopping In Hong Kong

Tung Choi Street Market Hong Kong

Whilst on a journey through Hong Kong, I encountered some of the most exquisite and beautiful places. You can’t quite imagine it without seeing it for yourself, but I’ll do my best to tempt you with my portrayal of this striking city.

My adventure began at the Temple Street Night Market, not far from the ancient temple of Tin Hau. The Night Market is alive with locals of an evening, selling all sorts of wares. There are cute little tea sets, watches, and charming antiques made out of Jade and other precious materials. For me personally the finest of these wares was the traditional food sold at some of the market stalls, such as the Five-layer Roast Pork and the Roast Pigeon.

Temple Street Night Market Hong Kong

My next stop brought me to the street of Tung Choi. Tung Choi Street hosts the Ladies’ Market, another popular place for clothing, jewellery, home furnishings and other accessories. If there’s anything a woman desires, it’s bound to be sold at the Ladies Market. However if you’re not looking to buy, the Ladies Market is still an excellent place for you to practice your bartering skills. Haggling isn’t difficult to get to grips with, but haggling effectively is an art. The majority of haggling is about being stubborn without offending the person that you are trying to buy the item from, which is difficult in itself. A tip to remember when practicing your bartering skills is not to demand a price that is too far below what the vender is asking for, as the vender may not take your suggestion seriously.

Tung Choi Street Market Hong Kong

Whilst visiting the Cityplaza (The largest shopping mall in Hong Kong) I visited the only ice rink in Hong Kong, and the only APiTA. My favourite part about shopping at the Cityplaza is that there are more than 170 shops all in one place, this means that you don’t have to travel long distances to visit all of the best shops before dusk. I also thought that the free folder to hold all of your documents in was a lovely touch, it really made me feel welcome. The Cityplaza is within walking distance of MTR Tai Koo station.

Cityplaza Hong Kong

After a long day of shopping and just generally enjoying myself in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, I decided to check out the moving sidewalks of the Western district. I’d originally believed that the moving sidewalks, otherwise known as escalators, were going to be of little fascination as they sounded like just another method of transport within the thriving city. On arrival I was greeted by a cacophony of noise, the streets were lined with shops, bars, restaurants, and crowds of people going about their daily lives.

With so much going on it’s easy to overlook the grandeur of the moving walkways. The moving Sidewalks consist of more than 800 metres of covered escalators with entrances and exits at every junction. Although the escalaltors aren’t the most thrilling of rides, they give a great view as the city passes below you, it’s also quicker than walking to and from various shops.

To conclude, Hong Kong is a mesmerizing city with so much to see and do. I greatly regret that my stay was so short, but the hospitality of the local people accompanied by the fascinating landmarks and superb food means that I will be back in a hurry. For more information on travel and tourist attractions, get in touch with us here at Lovestruck.

About The Author:  Lynn Reid works as a Dating event manager for for Lovestruck. She has spent the last 4 years in Hong Kong learning a lot about the local cultural and it famous attractions.
Photo Credits:  #1, 3, Wikimedia Commons, #2 Flickr cc: Wen Cheng Liu

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