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28 Jun

Discover Viking History and Danish Charm In The Faroe Islands

Located between the North Atlantic and Norwegian Sea, halfway between Iceland and Norway, the windswept Faroe Islands are under the jurisdiction of Demark, yet they are very much like their own magical world.  The islands are self-governing, but they have been part of the Kingdom of Denmark since 1948.  The islands’ closest neighbours, however, are the Northern and Western isles of Scotland.  With their other-worldly charm and singular attractions, the Faroe Islands lure travellers from far and wide to discover the beauty of their northern scenery.

Faroe Islands

Visiting the Faroe Islands

Many tourists plan their visits to the Faroe Islands well in advance of the warm season, and there are also cruises that make visiting these extraordinary islands more convenient than ever.  From the unique capital of Torshavn to breath-taking ocean views, the islands are the ideal natural get-away and the island culture is as rich and vibrant as ever.  The following must-see attractions and experiences are what make the Faroe Islands so evocative and impossible to forget!

The Capital: Torshavn

Torshavn Faroe Islands

Regarded as the world’s smallest capital, this thriving town owes its origins to Vikings who discovered these islands while journeying from Norway.  Though archaeologists often debate whether the Vikings were the first to arrive on the islands, they certainly are credited promoting the islands’ culture.  Many of the town’s festivals can be traced to Viking influences.  Tourists are particularly intrigued with the town’s old centre that contains many examples of typical Faroese houses and narrow passageways through the streets.  The town has many fine places to experience Faroese cuisine as well as cultural venues that should not be missed.

Meet the Birds

Bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts will have much to enjoy when visiting the Faroe Islands.  With more than 300 bird species, the islands teem with life.  From entertaining colonies of puffins to the many migrating sea birds that come to the islands to nest or feed in rich marine waters surrounding the islands, there are many exciting sightings of fauna for both the novice and scientific researcher to enjoy.

Go Fishing

Many visitors head to the Faroe Islands for the fine fishing available off the coast or in the lakes and streams.  Sea trout, salmon, brown trout, lake trout—these are popularly caught species.  Though rainbow trout were introduced by the Danish several centuries ago, they are a rare catch.  Fishing in the Faroe Islands is has a timeless appeal that often attracts people looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world.

Faroese History Museum and Open Air Museum

To learn about Faroese culture and get a more in-depth history of the islands, a visit to these museums is a must.  Learn about the islands from, the earliest days of Viking settlement to more recent history.  Through informative and attractive exhibits, visitors can explore the past to better appreciate the unique culture of the islands today.

For an unforgettable getaway, the Faroe Islands are filled with unique and memorable experiences.  Delicious food, comfortable accommodations, and the sea-swept coast, complement any stay at these extraordinary islands.

About The Author:  Matt Walkins is a Faroe Islands fan who has been travelling to the islands since early childhood. He enjoys sharing his experiences through blogging.
Photo Credit:  Wikimedia Commons