Take A Bite Out of Bogata – Guide To Delicious Regional Dishes

As we all know, one of the best parts of travelling is discovering new delicacies. If you are one of those people always up for something new, time for you to get cheap flights to Bogota just to try their outstanding local food. Bogota offers a wide range of restaurants that serve regional and international foods – just hearing about it will have your mouth watering.

Local Flavors
In Bogota, their key traditional dishes are based on pork, beans, potatoes, corn, rice and soups. Below are the top five dishes one should always try in this divine place:

Ajiaco in Bogota

Ajiaco is Bogota’s regional plate. It is a satisfying traditional soup made with proportions of shredded chicken, corn, potatoes, avocado and rice. It is bettered off with fresh cream and capers.

Bandeja paisa is Colombia’s national dish. It is a mixture of rice, beans, egg, grounded beef or steak, chorizo and plantains. Most tourists love this dish and always claim the best bandeja paisa can be found in Bogota.

Lechona is another bogota speciality. It is pork, rice, and peas cooked together. They stuff the shelled pig carcass with the rice and pork mix. This is yet again another mouth-watering dish.

Arepa in Bogota

Arepa is a common breakfast or afternoon snack in Bogota and is usually considered to be a type of fast food. It is basically a flat, round patty made with cornmeal or flour. It is grilled, baked or fried after which it is stuffed or topped off with traditional toppings like cheese, meat, eggs or chorizo.

To sweeten your palate, Bogoto has typical desserts that include rice pudding and custards but however the most prominent ones are the mouth-watering wafers filled with arequipe which is a sweet made with milk and sugar, thickened with muskmelon. This is certainly a must-try – a very unique dessert you’d ever have!

Crunching thirst?
Columbia produces the best coffee beans ever, so who can resist having the best coffee in the world? Treat yourself with a straight coffee called a tinto or a leche, cappuccino or chocolate-covered coffee. It is guaranteed you will never regret ordering a coffee in Bogota.

Bogota Fruit Vendor

Fresh Fruits
Columbia is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. This means it produces some of the world’s finest fruits. Thus, wherever you go you can spot fresh fruit carts down the streets where you can watch the vendor squeeze and make you some freshest fruit juices.

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