Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My – Exploring India’s Bandhavgarh National Park

Well.. maybe not lions, but tigers, bears and other wild beasts for sure!

Bandhavgarh National Park – The golden crown of Madhya Pradesh

When planning a vacation to a far away land, travelers often wish to encounter something unique and exciting.  Bandhavgarh National Park – India is one such destination that will certainly provide the visitors with the long-lasting enthralling moments that they will savor all their life.

Bengal Tiger India

Bandhavgarh National Park is nestled in the north east of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. It is popular worldwide for having the highest density of the Royal Bengal Tigers in India. The park is mainly categorized into the three prominent zones such as the Magdi, Tala and Bamera. The Tala zone is very popular among tourists because it offers good tiger sighting opportunities.  The park remains open from 16th October till 30th June. It is important that the visitors reach the gate half an hour in advance so that the necessary paperwork for entry into the park can be completed.

Wildlife in the Bandhavgarh National Park

Wildlife India National Park

The enchanting landscape, chirping birds and lush-green forest will fascinate visitors, as will the wildlife species found in the park including wild boar, chital, jackal, wild pigs, Bengal fox, chausingha, sambar and gaur. Tourists can go exploring by jeep or elephant safari in the park and admire all the natural beauty.

The thick forests of the park bordered by the majestic Vindhyan Mountain. The beautiful plains of the park and the green glass will certainly provide the wonderful experience for visitors. Beside the wild animals, splendid birds species can also be found here such as kingfishers, minivets, paradise flycatchers, green pigeons and so on.

Accommodation in the Bandhavgarh National Park

It cannot be denied that in order to enjoy a fun-filled trip, comfortable accommodation is an utmost necessity. Travelers flocking to the park will not be disappointed because there are many hotels and resorts in the Bandhavgarh area  These hotels make sure that the visitors are provided with the outstanding facilities and services. The basic amenities provided by the hotels are 24-hour room service, air-conditioned rooms, refrigerator, television, swimming pool, internet access, jeep safari and so on. Here are some of the well-known resorts in Bandhavgarh where the tourists can enjoy a relaxing stay and witness the beautiful wildlife:

  • Maharaja Royal Retreat
  • Kings Lodge
  • Tiger Trails Resort
  • Tiger Lagoon
  • Salvan Resort
  • Mogli Jungle Resort
  • Tiger Den Resort
  • Junglemantra Resort
  • Infinity Bandhavgarh Wilderness
  • Bundela Jungle Lodge
  • Hotel Tigergarh Resort
  • Tree House Hideaway Resort
  • Syna Tiger Resort

A very important thing to remembered here is that you must focus on doing some research so that bottlenecks can be avoided during the trip. You must make sure to book the rooms in advance as most will be full during the peak season. During your research work do not forget to compare the facilities offered by each resorts.

How to Reach the Park?

The tourists will experience no problems reaching the park as it is well connected with the many cities like:

  • From Umaria: It is a nearest town that that is just 45 minutes away from the park. This town can be reached through the road, train and charter planes.
  • From Jabalpur: The Jabalpur city is approximately 190kms away from the Bandhavgarh. The city has an excellent flight and train connectivity with the major cities such as the Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra, Delhi and Kolkata. The closest airport from the park is Khajuraho.
  • From Katni: This city is a very prominent railway junction. It is 100kms away from the park and the visitors can undertake 2.30hrs drive from Katni to the park.

It is clear that Bandhavgarh National Park is an absolute heaven for lovers of nature and wildlife.  A visit to this particular park provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the memorable moments with the luxury, nature and majestic wildlife.

About The Author:  Anshul Srivastava is a wildlife enthusiast and a travelogue; he likes to travel famous national parks and renowned wildlife sanctuaries over the globe. He always shares his experience through articles and blogs.

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