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19 Jul

Feel The Healing Powers of Ancient Travertine Infinity Pools in Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale means Cotton Castle in Turkish. This is a place where hot calcium- laden waters spring from the ground, fall over a cliff and form magnificent shining white terraces and pools filled with warm water. In this place of natural beauty, Roman royalty once created at spa center in the second century BC.  They built the spa city of Hierapolis around a holy hot-water spring.  The Sacred Pool is still present today and travelers can bathe there for a fee.

Pamukkale Hot Springs Turkey

Calcium carbonate, also known as travertine, is created with the reaction of calcium to hydrogen carbonate, which are present in the water. This makes the whole area brilliantly white and the sediment has created the pool formations. Be sure to take a hat and sunglasses with you to Pamukkale, as even on cool days the sun reflects off the light coloured ground and makes it shimmer. You can also take a swimsuit along in order to bathe in one of the naturally formed pools.  Keep in mind that it is forbidden to wear your shoes in the area where the pools are. Enjoy the bare-foot walk from basin to basin, all filled with warm mineral water.  Actually this water is considered to be very helpful for various problems like freckles, varicose veins, joint problems and even asthma.

Pamukkale Hot Springs Turkey

You will need to be prepared with the weather forecast to ensure a good trip for you, your family and friends.  The average temperatures in April- May and September are quite nice for a journey to Pamukkale. The summer season – June, July and August has temperatures around 30 degrease Celsius (86 F), which might be too hot for some travelers. I recommend to you to avoid the cold winter days because climbing barefoot up the cascades would be uncomfortable experience.

Traveling to the Cotton Castle

Another important question is how to get there and what transport to use. Here is a list with popular destinations in Turkey, the distance and travel time from and to Cotton Castle.

– Istanbul, the capital, is 685 km away from Pamukkale and it will take more than 15 hours to get there

– Bodrum, 310 km, less than 6 hours

– Antalya is 221 away and 4 hours would be enough

– Izmir, 270 km, 5 hours

– Kusadasi, 225 km, 4 hours

– Marmaris, 205 km, 3 and a half hours

– Denizli, 19 km, 20 minutes away from Pamukkale

The little town of Denizli near Pamukkale has several impressive sites and is an interesting city to visit. After the long trip and exciting walk, you might be hungry and thirsty. So, here are some places with good food and drinks, which can become a part of the experience.

Pamukkale Turkey

Mehmet’s Heaven is a little family restaurant on the main street of Denizli. It has perfect panoramic view to the terraces and pools of Pamukkale. The owner of this nice place is welcoming to guests and strangers and serve good food at reasonable prices.

Kayas Wine House is also in the center of this small city. Its surrounding is traditional, but trendy. Their menu contains local Turkish food and international kitchen including Japanese and Italian.

Local Cuisine

There are some traditional foods and drinks that you should try for sure:

– Sac Kavarma

This is a mixture of pork meat and vegetables like onion, pepper and tomatoes, with some added aromatic herbs, heated in a special pan that resembles a wok. An interesting fact is that they will serve this meal on the table with flames still glowing under the wok, which is spectacular.

– Menemen

Menemen Turkish Dish

They make this with pepper, onion and tomatoes slowly heated into a pan and then add some eggs to fry together with the vegetables. Throw in some traditional spices and herbs and serve with a piece of bread.

The offered drinks are as interesting as the food they serve. Strongly recommended ordering:

– Ayran

It is salty yoghurt drink with very specific taste. Although ayran cannot satisfy every taste, it should be tried while you are in Turkey.

– Raki

It is an hard alcoholic drink served as an aperitif with seafood or Turkish mezze.

While you are in the Denizli city is might be a good idea to buy some souvenirs because they are less expensive, handmade and unique. In the city of Pamukkale you can find some traditional Turkish wares and objects that can take your breath away.

The Pamukkale is a destination that will satisfy the expectations of every explorer and brings moments of entertainment and pleasure. Take a trip to the Cotton castle and enjoy the warm water springs and the magnificent view of naturally formed pools and terraces.

About The Author: Jane Mires is a Cleaning Company owner and a freelance writer. She loves to travel and try out new things.
Photo Credits:  Wikimedia Commons