3 Magnificent Mediterranean Islands Worth Exploring: Malta, Gozo and Comino

Malta Fishing Boats

These three islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino are unknown to many international travelers, but are situated in the Mediterranean sea, in close proximity to Italy.

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Malta is a magnificent country that most visitors fall in love with, once they walk the beautiful little streets of Valletta, Mdina, Vitorioso or any other little town or village.  Each of them is filled with history, magnetism and Mediterranean spirit! Almost all exhibit buildings  in shades of yellow, making streets look nicer and brighter. The architecture is a mixture of varying styles, which somewhat reminds me of Sicily.

Malta Fishing Boats

Malta was once a British colony, which has affected its culture.  English language is one of the official languages, along with Maltese, which is really similar to Arabic.  You might need an adapter for using plugs and traffic is on the  left-hand side. The island is quaint and small.  You can easily hire a car or use the public transport  for touring, and either is not at all expensive – you can buy a one-day card for all the buses for 2,60 Euro or a 7-day card for 12 Euro.  The distances between the cities are not long and most cities merge and sometimes traffic can delay your trip so beware of traffic jams.

If you want your trip around Malta to be as convenient as possible, it will be a good idea to stay in Valletta, because all buses leave from there. But if you want to be closer to the beaches, you might want to stay in the Northern part of the island. Actually Malta is not a prized beach destination as the beaches tend to be rocky, but usually uncrowded.

Malta Architecture

There is much to see in Malta. I recommend you start from Valletta, which will fascinate you with its small streets and beautiful architecture. It is also the capital of Malta and you can see some very interesting buildings. You should also make it a point to visit the Barakka Gardens. Another interesting city of interest is the old capital Mdina, which is also called “The Silent city” and is surrounded by defensive walls. It is amazing that people are still living in those old buildings. Every evening the city becomes completely different as it is dramatically illuminated by  night lamps.

There is no doubt that the most beautiful and clear sea is around Comino. The island is right between Malta and Gozo and is only 3 km2 big and there is only one working hotel during summers. The most visited place on the island is the Blue Laguna. Water there is crystal-clear and with an amazing blue color. It is a must-visit place, for sure.

Vallett Sea

Gozo is an island, situated 5 km off Malta.  You can very easily journey there by use of the ferry between the two islands which will only takes about 45 minutes. Alternatively you can on a ride with a charter boat, which is another must-do, the rocks and the sea are amazing.  If you are a fan of diving, there is wonderful scuba diving here which is considered one of the best places in the whole world for scuba diving.

Gozo at Night

The experience you can have in Malta can be one of the best ones you will ever have, especially if you happen to go there around Easter – that’s when the biggest festivals are held and you can feel the Maltese spirit. If you also get a chance – talk to the local people, they are always helpful and nice and can tell you more about their history and country. Don’t miss this amazing trip you can have.

Malta Sea

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