Adelaide, Gateway to Southern Australia’s Popular Wine-Tasting Tours

Hahndorf Hills Adelaide Australia

Many visitors to Adelaide are lured by its unique architecture, clean city beaches, and lush gardens. Yet Adelaide is also located in the centre of one of Australia’s most notable wine producing regions, thanks to the cool climate and abundant greenery. If you’re a Shiraz lover like me, this is reason enough to book a flight and start exploring the popular wine regions just a short distance from Adelaide.

Barossa Valley

Shiraz Vines Barossa Valley Australia

One of Australia’s most famous wine-producing regions, Barossa Valley is particularly well-known for its bold, robust Shiraz. There are over 150 wineries to visit, so you may want to extend your day trip and stay overnight in one of the quaint regional bed and breakfasts. Langmeil Winery is one of Australia’s oldest vineyards, and its Freedom Shiraz is produced using 160 year old vines. If you are overwhelmed by the volume of wineries to choose from, a good place to start is at a tasting room. You’ll still find over 80 wines to choose from at the Barossa Small Winemakers Centre, but don’t worry. There are very friendly experts on hand to help you out!

The Adelaide Hills

Hahndorf Hills Adelaide Australia

The Adelaide Hills sit just a twenty minute drive from the city centre. This verdant region is home to some unique wildlife, including black cockatoos and koala bears. The Adelaide Hills are alsoth handpicked delicacies for a full gourmet experience. My fellow chocoholics won’t want to miss out on the excellent ChocoVino Experience at the Hahndorf Hill winery, while Bird in Hand’s cellar door offers olives, organic greens, and local cheese platters.

Clare Valley

Sevenhill Winery Clare Valley Australia

Do you love a sweet, fruity Riesling? Then you’ll want to drive two hours to the north of Adelaide and spend the day in the Clare Valley. One of the highlights is the Riesling Trail, which is a cycling tour stopping at a number of cellar doors for tastings. Jim Barry Wines is one of the more notable, with its wines now exported to over 25 countries. If you’re looking for a more traditional winery, you won’t want to miss the Sevenhill Cellars. This winery was founded by Jesuits in 1851 to make sacramental wine, so you’ll get a dose of history with your tipple.

Kangaroo Island

Views of the bay

Whether you’re travelling with the whole family or simply are an animal lover, chances are that Kangaroo Island is already at the top of your Adelaide to-do list. Its remote and well-preserved location allows visitors to see seals, penguins, and kangaroos in their natural habitat. A lesser-known feature of Kangaroo Island is that it also produces wine, enhanced by the cool climate and fresh local fruit.  Dudley Wines is one of the island’s originals, offering a relaxing seaside deck to enjoy the view and some unique local flavours.

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