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Road Trip
9 Aug

Beyond Your GPS, Best Apps to Keep Out of Trouble On The Road

We really take our smartphones for granted — sure, the GPS functionality is great for getting from point A to point B — but there is so much more to consider.   Road trips are one of the types of travel where people actively plan to be asleep for most of it.  But for those with a brighter vision, a host of apps will point the way for a great road trip.

It doesn’t help that we usually forget to find things to do on our journey before we get in our vehicles, but with these helpful road trip apps, you can keep yourself covered. You know, just in case, and maybe someone will wake up.


Road Ninja App

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With this helpful app, named one of the “10 Best Apps for Traveling Like a Local” by Forbes, you will be able to find where restaurants, gas stations, and other places you may want to stop at along your trip. Exits will lose all mystery, making your stops as efficient as possible. Because let’s face it:  even when a road trip is fun, there is still an urge to just get to where you are going.


This app takes the idea of a driving community and makes it mainstream. With Waze, the app is only as good as its contributors. With each update, made by local drivers who also use the app, you will be able to get information on traffic ahead of you. No longer will you have to be surprised by a police trap or accident. You can choose a new route after realizing how much traffic will be ahead of you, too.


Sick of playing sing-a-longs with your family? Ditch the radio for a new idea. With Stitcher, you can stream a constant podcast from a huge selection of over 15,000 On-Demand shows. If you are unsure of what to listen to, the app even gives recommendations based on anything you have listened to in the past.

If you don’t even know where to start, you can always look to see what your Facebook friends listen to and are fans of.


While there are a lot of apps that tell you what is coming up on the interstate to alert you of opportunities for fun points to visit, Roadtrippers actually specializes in the obscure. With Roadtrippers, you can find attractions, scenic drives, and other driving information on your route that will make your trip feel much more personalized and adventurous.


Keep your friends and family in the loop by using Twist during your next road trip. With this awesome app, you can show anyone willing to follow your trip exactly where you are, along with photos, messages, and other random details. People watching your trip can even give you directions while you are away. This allows worried parents to worry less with you gone.


With OpenTable, you can find and create dinner reservations from a long distance. Expecting to be four states away by dinner? Use OpenTable instead of having to scrounge for food once you arrive. Most people don’t consider using technology like this to their advantage when road tripping.

Most road trips start off with a bang but end off with a whimper. Try using these apps to get the most out of your road tripping experience.

About The Author:  This post was shared by LL Wrighter graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Journalism and Communications.  In her free time, Wrighter enjoys geocaching, playing video games, and spending time with her furry children, her two dachshunds.  Connect With Wrighter on Twitter @LoneWrighter.