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19 Aug

More Cruise Lines Make Balconies A No-Smoking Zone

Don’t even think about lighting up that cigarette or cigar on your cabin’s balcony, my friend – not even that fancy e-cigarette!  The number of cruise lines who have banned smoking on all balconies is growing.  In the coming months Disney Cruise Line, Seabourn, P&O and Cunard’s three Queens will all be joining smoke-free balcony the club.

No Smoking Sign

I vividly remember sailing through the coastal waters of Alaska, dazzled by the pristine beauty but choking on the cigarette smoke wafting over from the balconies on either side of our cabin. I was not a happy sailor, so I enthusiastically applaud the cruise lines for taking this step.  In addition, cruise lines have established a significant cleaning fee if passengers are caught violating the smoke-free area.  Each cruise ship has designated indoor and outdoor smoking zones that usually include a cocktail lounge or two, gaming areas and various outdoor decks.

For sailing during the winter of 2014, these are the cruise lines with smoke-free balconies:
In addition to American Cruise Line which is totally smoke-free on all of their ships

Cruise Lines that still allow smoking on balconies are:
Royal Caribbean