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19 Aug

The Whole Fromage, A Tale of French Passion and Delectable Cheeses

I’ve been nibbling my way through a recently published book on the fascinating history of cheese in France.  The Whole Fromage is an entertaining journey through the French countryside by Author, Kathe Lison, who brings the reader along on her pursuit of the world’s most delectable cheeses.

The Whole Fromage

Born and raised in the cheese happy state of Wisconsin, you might think that Kathe had a palete for exotic cheeses from an early age.  But like you and me, she was raised on Kraft Mac and Cheese, and considered Babybell rounds in the red mesh bag to be exotic fare.  That all changed on a fateful trip to Paris where the world of delectable French cheeses revealed itself.

Artisans throughout villages, valleys and vineyards of France passionately craft over 350 different varieties of fromage.  Whether it’s crumbly, decadently smooth and creamy, sharp and dry, or shot with mold, each region of France has achieved notoriety for producing exceptional cheeses.  As Kathe embarks on a journey to learn the history of French cheeses and meet artisans still at work handcrafting unique cheese selections, she tells fascinating tales with humor and wit.

Readers will learn how shepherds are believed to have discovered cheese making by accident while transporting milk in a sheep’s stomach, and 7000 year old cave art that depicts ancient Greeks making cheese.  In France, a priest’s cross-country journey resulted in the secret for making Brie being shared with a farmer’s wife, resulting in the creation of France’s most beloved cheese, Camembert.

For anyone who has ever swooned after taking a bite of triple-cream Brie or a heady blue, you’ll delight in taking Kathe’s journey of discovery of the 350 best cheeses in the world in The Whole Fromage, Adventues In The Delectable World Of French Cheese.