Find Your Way To Newquay For A Great UK Seaside Break

If you’re venturing to the southern region of the UK on vacation, no trip would be complete without exploring some of the quaint English towns in the county of Cornwall. In particular, the town of Newquay is an excellent holiday destination for all ages; from parents with young children, senior holidaymakers or teenagers looking to unwind after a hard year at school or university.  

Newquay England

Why should I visit Newquay?

While coastal beaches and historic landmarks are in abundance in Cornwall, it is Newquay that boasts some of the finest coastal areas in the UK. It is far from just a lovely seaside town in the south-west however; it also has a number of attractions to keep all ages entertained throughout their break.

First of all, any mention of Newquay without talking about the area’s coastline is simply incomplete. Fistral Beach is the most famous of Newquay’s beaches and it is home to fast, hollow waves making it perfect for surfers. Beginner surfers looking to try their hand at the sport may want to head to Watergate Bay or Crantock Beach as these represent some of the best entry-level beaches Newquay has to offer.

Parents looking to bring their kids to the beach should try Towan Beach as there are a number of kids’ attractions – padding pools, rock pools and more – to keep them busy throughout the day.

Just beaches, right?

Newquay isn’t just beaches and coastline. The town is also a haven for one of the Cornwall’s best-loved cuisines – cream teas. A plethora of cream teas and bakeries populate the town, all offering some of the finest scones, cream and jam in Britain. Furthermore, the humble Cornish pasty can be found almost anywhere while Newquay’s coastal roots make it a hotspot for fine seafood.

In addition, there are also a handful for international bars and restaurants all offering dishes from across the globe. If that doesn’t whet your appetite then I don’t know what will!

What about the kids?

Newquay Map

Just a few miles from east Newquay lies a number of family attractions including Dairyland, Lappa Valley Steam Railway, the Oasis Fun Pools and Trerice Gardens. Children should be enthralled by the sight of a traditional locomotive while Dairyland is home to pets, play areas and an award-winning nature trail.

However when the kids are in bed, it is time to explore the countless night clubs, theme pubs and bars that Newquay has to offer. Berties Nightclub and Sailors Newquay represent two of the best establishments in the town, with the former welcoming a number of national and international music superstars to ramp up the party atmosphere.

Newquay represents a haven for teenagers and university students looking to let loose after a hard year, making Newquay the UK’s equivalent to Ibiza. Thousands flock to the seaside town no matter the weather so visitors to the town looking to experience the quieter side of Newquay may want to time their vacation accordingly.

It’s no surprise that Newquay continues to see visitors year after year. It’s location makes it one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the UK while its proximity to other iconic attractions in Cornwall – the Eden Project, St Michael’s Mount and Land’s End to name but a few – make it ideal for holidaymakers looking to explore the county.

Just when you think you’ve seen all Newquay has to offer, it will continue to surprise you with the number of different and fun things to do.

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: Ashley Curtis is an avid traveller with a penchant for exploring English towns. He writes on behalf of InsuranceWith which specialises in helping people with existing medical conditions obtain affordable travel insurance.
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