22 Aug

Airline Creates A Child-Free Zone

When I hear about a new airline trend these days, I usually grown in protest. But today I heard about a new seating cabin established by Singapore’s budget airline Scoot that I’m ready to cheer for!

Scoot Airlines

Scoot Airlines has announced that they will be adding a “ScootInSilence” zone (aka a child-free cabin) on its flights.  Passengers will be able to upgrade for $14 to be seated in the kids-free cabin where children under 12 are not permitted.  The section will contain 41 seats and will be located just behind Business Class.  The seat configuration will also offer more leg room than the coach cabin.  Another budget airline in Asia, AirAsia X, was the first to introduce all adult seating earlier this year.

Now while I really love kids, I just don’t enjoy their company on an airline flight where they are quite understandably uncomfortable.  Well, I guess you could say that about all of us, but at least we’ve learned not to cry out load about it.

I just hope this is a trend that will spread to airline carriers in the US!