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26 Aug

Return From Vacation Feeling 10 Years Younger – Best Spa Treatments in Bali

Bali is one of the most famous islands in the world, welcoming tourists from across the globe each year.  Bali is considered to be a place for joy and relaxation; and its rich culture, mysterious legends, warm climate and friendly local people are a rare treasure.  One of the main attractions that makes Bali so popular is the large number of spa and beauty treatment centres.


The spa treatments perfected in Bali have been adopted by premier spas resorts across the globe.  Here’s a guide to navigating your way through the many luxurious spa treatments that will guarantee you full body and mind relaxation.

Best Spa Treatments in Bali

  • Traditional Balinese massageThe massage is done by using a special Indonesian oil that is mixed with grape, rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang essential oils. It is recommended in order to remove stress, to make your muscles relax and lift your spirit.
  • Exotic Balinese massage in Turkish bath
  • Jimbaran massageThis massage is usually done by two Balinese girls working in complete harmony. It includes six different massage styles – Shiatsu, Thai, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Swedish and Balinese massage varying every 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Traditional Balinese LulurBalinese Lulur is based on some old rituals originating from the Java island. It is started with a traditional Balinese massage, followed by peeling with lulur (this is a finely ground Indonesian herb), which removes the dead cells, and soothes and softens your skin. Then the body is cleaned with some yoghurt and a gentle massage. This step is followed by a relaxing warm bath with fragrant flowers and ylang-ylang essence. The procedure is ended with a gentle massage of the face.
  • Balinese coconut peeling for sensitive skinThis is a special spa treatment for your face. It is comprised of  different soothing emulsions, and a nourishing scrub with finely ground coconut, volcanic stones and natural coconut essence, as well as a special coconut soothing face mask.
  • Special Balinese hair treatmentThis ritual dates back to ancient times. It is started with a deep nourishing hair mask, which is made from hibiscus essential oils, jasmine, ylang-ylang, mixed with warm coconut oil. The treatment also includes facial and neck “point” massage.
  • Balinese reflexologyThis is an exotic spa treatment that includes a ritual washing of your feet with fragrant flowers. The treatment also includes aromatherapy, followed by a body massage. It is used in order to ensure the energy balance between your mind and body.
  • A Lomi-Lomi massage It is done by one or two therapists, who work with their thumbs, knuckles and hands from wrist to elbow. The massage improves blood circulation, and also increases the flow of nutrients to your muscles. It also stimulates your lymphatic system and releases all negative feelings such as anxiety, worry, fear, etc.

After reading about all these wonderfully soothing treatments, you’re probably wondering which are the best resorts in Bali to enjoy them.  Here are our top three selections: 

1. Villa Simona

Villa Simona Bali

Villa Simona is located near Canggy and provides you not only with exclusive spa treatments but also with your own servants and a cook, and also a couple of spa therapists. The rooms are furnished with furniture made of natural materials, and the carpets and mats are complemented by exquisite carved wooden items. There is a fantastic swimming pool right in front of the villa, which is all surrounded by flowers.


2. Four Seasons Resort Bali

Four Seasons Bali

The villas of this luxury resort are surrounded only by the tranquillity of the nearby forest and the trees. The rooms are decorated in a traditional way and you can enjoy all spa secrets that will be revealed to you by spa treatment specialists. There is a fantastic white sand beach, some luxury shops and restaurants where you can spend a couple of hours. There is a great variety of spa treatments and beauty procedures that you can choose from.


3. Bulgari Bali Resort & Spa

Bulgari Resort Bali

There are plenty of good reasons to stay here. Do not hesitate to choose this resort in case you want to try the purification powers of water and the sense of full relaxation. You may also find magical the yoga lessons, the morning greetings from a pavilion, the swimming pool, and of course, the spa centre that is situated on the coastal cliffs.



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