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3 Oct

3 Unlikely Places To Visit A Winery – Top US City Locations

Three Unlikely US Destinations To Visit A Winery

Think you need to go to Napa, Long Island or Washington State to tour a winery and sample locally made wine? Think again, because you can find wineries producing their own wine in some well traveled but not-so-obvious places.


New York City

New York Skyline

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It was while living in New York City that I first had the opportunity to learn about wine, and it was there that I fell in love with it. Combine the city’s wine and food with its history, architecture and culture and it’s easy to see why the Big Apple is a place like no other. You wouldn’t expect New York, a city known for busy streets and skyscrapers, to have a winery — but it actually has three!

City Winery sources grapes from around the world to produce more than 20 of their own wines on site. The winery is about two blocks from my old office and is an awesome spot. They serve their wine on tap from barrels in their cellar and pair it with a menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes! Not only that, but they frequently host a variety of shows and have a recently opened a second location in the Windy City, Chicago.

Brooklyn Winery is crafting wine in small batches and is found within the art-filled neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You can make an afternoon of it by taking a weekend tour of the facilities and following up by dining and tasting at their wine bar.

The Staten Island Winery offers a different sort of winery experience — one that gives you the chance to learn how to make wine. Though you should contact them to register for the winemaking, you can stop by almost any Thursday evening to sample their wines.

Florida’s Gulf Coast

Florida Citrus Grove Winery

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With its historic amusement parks and sandy beaches, Florida attracts many visitors looking to escape the cold of winter each year. Growing up in northern New York, my friends and family were among the many people that chose Florida as their yearly vacation destination. What you probably didn’t know is that a little under two hours’ drive from Orlando is a wine lover’s paradise on the Gulf Coast at The Florida Orange Groves Winery.

Based in St. Petersburg, this winery is currently producing 43 different varieties of wine made solely from tropical fruits, berries and citrus. Personally, I’m a huge fan of wines made from blueberries. They’re open every day for tours and tastings. Key Limen or Mango Mamma, anyone?

Charleston, SC

Wine Tasting

I’ve helped many folks plan Charleston vacations that include historical tours and visits to the city’s iconic plantation homes. But wine lovers shouldn’t overlook this town of southern charm. Thirty minutes outside the city on Wadmalaw Island you’ll find Irvin House Vineyards. They’re growing local muscadine grapes right on the premises and open for you to stop by Tuesday-Saturday to taste their five wines and tour the vineyard at your own pace.

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