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Portland Oregon
11 Oct

Portland Oregon – A Great Fall Vacation Destination

Why Portland, OR is an Awesome Place for Fall Trip

The fall is the perfect time to plan a quick vacation, especially if the region you live in is isolated from seasonal changes.  I must admit that fall is one of my favorite times of year. There’s nothing like camping out under the stars on a crisp September or October night. The greens, browns, reds, oranges, and yellows that color the trees are a treat to see.

Portland Oregon

When considering a trip this fall, put Portland, Oregon on your list. This city is a prime spot for an unforgettable vacation.

Why Portland, Oregon?

While it’s not one of those major U.S. cities where tourists fill the streets, it is truly a unique city where you can experience the very scenic outdoors; go hiking, see the beautiful Japanese influences on the city, or indulge in the local food craze. It’s a city with unique charm that should not be missed.

Naysayers may claim that Portland get too much rain nine months out of the year. Well I say who cares!. A little rain won’t dampen your fall trip. Just make sure to pack a diverse wardrobe for the changing weather.

Here’s How To Make The Most Of Your Visit To Portland, Oregon

Eat Like Crazy

Portland Chef

You absolutely need hit up the local spots where food trucks and carts crowd the streets. OBryant Square has the greatest concentration of food trucks in the city.  If you’re an avid foodie like me that spends their next paycheck on burritos, street tacos, and pulled pork sandwiches, then Portland is a must as a food scene.

The restaurant scene is immense. The city is filled with little spots that enlighten your taste buds and have you wanting more when you return home. I can’t stop thinking about my little excursion to a small barbecue joint called Smokehouse 21 or the awesome crazy donuts at Voodoo Doughnuts.

Craft Beer Haven

Every city claims to have an awesome local craft beer selection. But if you’re a beer aficionado, then Portland is the place to be. It was awesome sampling all the local beers at the breweries throughout the city. There’s nothing better than a good beer to uplift your day.

Seeking Adventure?

For outdoor enthusiasts, such as myself, Portland addresses your obsessive need for hiking and camping. In almost no other city can you take a quick trip outside the city to experience the beauty of the natural world. I’m already planning a return trip to Portland to spend time in the surrounding regions backpacking and camping. The brief glimpse I had at the beauty of bountiful trees and wildlife definitely sparked by desire to return.

If you’re a book nerd that seeks adventure in an unconventional way, then visit Powell’s City of Books. I was in love with the huge bookstore and spent several hours reading in the coffee shop there. Maybe you’ll also meet unique local characters at the coffee shop.

Also, for Sherlock Holmes fans, you must check out the international exhibition of Sherlock Holmes at OMSI starting in October and running through January 5, 1013.

Portland Oregon Asian Gate

The formal gardens of Portland will bolster anyone’s spirit.  The temperate weather and abundant rainfall produce some of the most beautiful gardens in the country.  Visitors can stroll through the Japanese Garden, Chinese Garden, Leach Botanical Garden and the International Rose Test Garden.

Portland Oregon Japanese Garden

I’ve only touched on a some of the uniqueness of this U.S. city that you must experience. I still plan on touring Oregon wine country!

About The Author:  Ted Levin is a freelance journalist who is currently writing about unique seasonal vacation destinations. He’s thinking about purchasing a backpack and rain gear from for his next trip to Portland. Connect with him on Twitter.
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