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23 Oct

JetBlue Shakes Up Frequent Flyer Rules To Allow Families To Share Miles

JetBlue has earned the devotion of millions of flyers by providing the little extras that other airlines have consistently stripped away.  A free checked bag, free drink and snack, in-seat entertainment system, and the best seat pitch of US airlines, have all contributed to JetBlue’s growing popularity.  Recently they announced a change to their TrueBlue frequent flyer rewards program that allows families to share their miles, which  is sure to shake up the industry and win JetBlue more enthusiastic fans.

Saving Frequent Flyer Miles

The new TrueBlue Family Pooling Program allows two adults and up to five children under 21 years of age to accumulate miles in one account.  The “family” can be a group of acquaintances and not necessarily relatives, allowing for same-sex partners or other associates to form a group to share mileage points.  One head of household is designated to redeem points from the ‘family’ account for any member of the group.  Even more amazing, the reward points have no blackout dates or expiration.  Members of the group may also decide to allocate a percentage of their earned miles to the group and retain the remaining percentage in their individual account.

It sounds like JetBlue has thought of everything in developing this game-changing feature to their frequent flyer loyalty program.  I’ve always thought that if I’m buying the airline ticket for my children, or flying as a couple, I should be able to earn the miles for the flights.  I’m thrilled that one airline finally sees it my way.  Three cheers for JetBlue, and here’s hoping that other airlines are paying attention and will emulate their innovative program.

Image Source:  Google Commons