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29 Oct

Six Great Jobs To Combine Your Love of Travel With Work

If you have always loved to travel, you might like to consider the idea to look for jobs that will allow you to enjoy this luxury, while still making a comfortable salary. From teaching, to charity, there are actually quite a few gigs out there that will allow you to embrace your love of traveling, while still making a living.

English Teacher

TOEFL Teacher

If you have a clear grasp of the English language, and love to help people, you might find that working as an English teacher in another country is the perfect job opportunity for you. In fact, you can often snag English teaching job opportunities in areas all over the world, allowing you to share the language with people all over, while also enjoying traveling to all sorts of exciting faraway places.  In many programs you do not need a formal teaching degree.  Search for English Language Teaching opportunities.

Humanitarian Aid Worker

If you have always dreamed of helping others, and would like to combine your love for people with your love for travel, working in the field of humanitarian aid can be the perfect job opportunity for you. Not only will it allow you to feel good about yourself, but it can also take you to lots of exciting destinations.  Search for Volunteer Abroad Programs.

Photographer or Videographer

From filming events that go on in other countries, to taking pictures of wildlife from other lands, there are all sorts of opportunities for dragging your digital camera or video camera along with you for a trip of a lifetime. Get your foot in the door to this job by entering contests and events.

Tour Guide

Lots of people spend considerable sums of money going on tours in various exotic destinations, but there have to be people on-board who show all of these people the site and attend to the needs of the group. With a little luck, and dedication, you can find the perfect gig leading tours in all sorts of beautiful countries and lands. Not only can you learn the ins and outs of the area where you are guiding tours, but you can also meet tourists from all over the globe.  Search for Tour Guide Academies.

Wine Importer

If the idea of getting paid to travel and drink lots of luxurious wines sounds appealing to you, you might want to consider working as a wine importer. With this job, you can travel all over to sample and bring back the most delicious wines in the world.  Search for Import Consultants.

Flight Attendant

Long considered the dream job of those who love to travel, working as a flight attendant can provide you with a good salary, a relatively easy job, and the opportunity to take flights all over the country and world on a regular basis.  Although being a flight attendant may have lost some of its luster in recent years, it still provides an excellent opportunity to travel, be well compensated and receive benefits.

About The Author:  Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and writing about family, travel, home and fitness. From media sales jobs, to a whole host of other employment opportunities, Brooke has found ways to travel no matter the work. Contact her via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.