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Disney World Christmas
6 Nov

Treat Your Family To A Bit Of Disney Magic For The Holidays

Most people think of Disney as a summer holiday destination, but once you’ve experienced Disney during the Holidays you’ll always remember the magical glow.  Have you ever considered getting out of your holiday routine and going to Disney World or Disneyland for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Disney goes all out when celebrating the holidays with decorations, fireworks and parades that truly dazzle. It’s well worth thinking about spending a Thanksgiving or Christmas break in Florida.  Here are a few highlights to tempt you:


Disney Thanksgiving Day Parade

As winter draws closer, the one thing that’s on any American’s mind is Thanksgiving is almost here. You don’t have to be from the US of A to enjoy Thanksgiving though. Disney will look after any holidaymaker during this all American holiday. Here’s a few activities you might want to think about


  • The American Adventure – If you travel on down to Disney’s Epcot Park and make your way to the host pavilion of World Showcase then you will be treated to the American Adventure Show. This fun and educational journey takes you on a tour of American history. You will enjoy festive animatronic and jaw-dropping visual effects.  Arrive in good time as there are extra events before the main show like the ‘Voices of Liberty’ acapella group.


  • The Parade – See a good old fashioned American Thanksgiving parade. See all of your favourite Disney characters from Mickey to Minnie dressed in all the best Pilgrim couture. If I were you, get there at least ten minutes early to ensure you get a seat.


  • Turkey Dinner – One of the highlights of Disney at this time of year is the opportunity to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The vast majority of Disney restaurants over the seven parks will offer a traditional dinner, from the Coral Reef in Epcot to the Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom. You will have to make reservations well in advance as seat go rapidly.


Disney World Christmas 

On select nights from 7.00pm to midnight, the Magic Kingdom is transformed into a sparkling Christmas ‘merry land’. Holiday music oozes from the park, penetrating your body, even the grumpiest Grinch can’t help humming along.

Some of the events in the Christmas Party:


  • Mickey’s Once Upon a Time Christmastime Parade – Not to be out-done by Thanksgiving, the Christmas party has an equally brilliant parade. Watch a parade full of Christmas cheer and your favourite characters like Jiminy Cricket, Goofy, and of course Scrooge McDuck.


  • Holiday Wishes: Celebrate the Spirit of the Season – Pop over to the iconic castle and see a ‘breathtaking music and fireworks show’ whilst watching out as Tinker Bell soars above the jolly crowds.


  • Totally Tomorrowland Christmas – Watch music and dance filled extravaganza with the likes of Buzz Light-year and Stitch as they go on a quest for Santa.


  • Celebrate the Season Show – For more musical celebration, watch Mickey and Minnie’s reimagining of The Nutcracker.


Disney knows how to put on a show and these holiday inspired ones are the cream of the crop when it comes to spectaculars. If you’ve got kids, this might well be the most exciting gift you could get them. If you need tickets you could try getting Disney Tickets with FloridaTix. Order early, and you can usually get a better price than waiting last minute.

Disney appears to be timeless and whatever their age, from 8 to 80 they will love the festive extravagance of the Disney holiday celebrations.

About The Author:  Eve Boggs is a freelance writer who travels around the US on her Harley Davidson. She writes about her travels and experiences and her blog posts are very well received. She has been researching the best deals for Disney Tickets with Florida Tix.
Photo Source:  Google Commons