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13 Nov

Discover A Wonderful World of Birds in Cyprus

Cyprus, an intriguing island in the eastern Mediterranean, has a rich and diverse bird population living many different habitats, making this island a mecca for birdwatchers from all over the world.

Cyprus is hosting The World of Birds exhibition which is runs until 15 November in The Leventis Municipal Museum in Nicosia. The exhibition displays photographs of the birds of Cyprus in their natural habitat, as well as showcasing objects from the Museum’s collections, which depict birds or have the shape and form of birds. Taking the world of birds to these further levels makes the exhibition something for everyone to enjoy – you don’t have to be a ‘twitcher’ to get a lot from this fascinating exhibition. The Leventis Municipal Museum is well known for its excellent exhibits which explain the history and prehistory of Cyprus and this temporary exhibition is typical of the high quality interactive approach of the curators.

Visiting Cyprus

Cyprus is an increasingly popular tourist destination and is a popular choice of many Brits who decide to buy a home in the sun. There are frequent flights all year round into Larnaca airport, which in turn is only around 25 miles from Nicosia. Shuttles from the airport can get you from the terminal to your hotel in Nicosia in less than an hour and the museum is easy to find in the Greek sector of the city. Birdwatching is very popular on the island and a good way to plan your visits out into the countryside is to visit Birdlife Cyprus offices in Nicosia.

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Birding At It’s Best

Cyprus boasts over four hundred species of birds which are either permanently resident or regular visitors, and some of them are quite exotic to British birdwatchers. When you have visited the exhibition at the Leventis Municipal Museum you will probably find your appetite has been whetted to find out more. The very active birdwatching and conservation groups on the island are constantly monitoring numbers and activity of the native and visiting birds and the winter visitors are certainly worth watching out for. They include the incredible Greater Flamingos Phoenicopterus roseus which congregate on the two salt lakes in Akrotiri and Larnaca in their thousands.

Familiar species

Avid birdwatchers will immediately recognise – Stonechats, Chiffchaffs, Robins, Song Thrushes, Blackbirds, Wagtails and Starlings but it is great fun to see them in a less familiar setting. Others include Wallcreepers, Finsch’s Wheatear and Bluethroats. With the hard winter which is already being predicted for Britain, swans may well be seen in the wetlands, although they are not visitors every year.

 With the wealth of bird life visiting Cyprus, it is hardly to be wondered at that the local artists are so prolific in using the image of birds and flight in their work. Visiting the Leventis Municipal Museum for the exhibition on the World of Birds is recommended whether you are a birdwatcher or not, because some of the images using birds as their inspiration are so beautiful that you will certainly take home some wonderful memories.

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