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4 Dec

Planning an Adventurous Vacation to the OTHER Jersey Shore

You’ve probably heard way too much about the Jersey Shore from the recent US television series, but did you know that there are two Jersey Shores?  Let us introduce you to the original Jersey Shore – the largest of the Channel Islands located just offshore from Normandy, France and the southern coast of England.  When you plan a holiday to Jersey you’ll find plenty of water sports activities like surfing, wind surfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, sailing, diving and fishing, but what about those who are looking for some adventure on dry land?  No worries, there are just as many great activities onshore.

Jersey Channel Islands

There are plenty of attractions such as the aMaizin! Maze and Adventure Park at St. Peter, Aqua Splash in St. Helier or Durrel Wildlife at Trinity. But there are also plenty of other things to do on your Jersey holiday from traditional activities to others that are downright scary!


Cycling Jersey Channel Islands

With 96 miles of cycle routes around the island, and 50 miles of special Green Lanes where the speed limit is only 15mph, cycling is certainly a pleasure. The countryside is stunning, the harbour views are beautiful and the rocky cliffs magnificent.


Abseiling Jersey Channel Islands

Abseiling and rock climbing are popular adventure sports in Jersey. The granite cliffs are just right for climbing. And, if you need to cool down you simply take a dip in the sea.


Coasteering Jersey Channel Islands

Coasteering is cliff climbing combined with water activities such as cliff diving or jumping (where safe) but more often than not is more about moving along the coast partly by climbing but also including swimming, rock hopping and shore scrambling.

Aero Sports

Aero Sports Jersey Island

Take to the skies, maybe fly across to France or skydive from 10,000 feet. If you fancy an adrenaline rush then contact the Jersey Aero Club.


Golfing Jersey Channel Islands

There are some spectacular golf courses on Jersey, the difference being the spectacular views, whether in the heart of the country or overlooking the majestic headland. You’ll find 18-hole championship challenges, 9-hole greens, American style parkland courses and driving ranges.


Blocarting Jersey Channel Islands

This is where Jersey’s magnificent beaches come into their own. You need big beaches and Jersey has them. A blokart is a wind-powered go-kart with a steering wheel and rope to control speed and direction. You’ll soon be reaching speeds of up to 55mph and it’s easier than you might think – most people are off in about 10 minutes!


How about old fashion walking? With the Green Lanes mentioned earlier you don’t have to worry about speeding cars you just have to take in the surrounding scenery as you make your way to a great pub for lunch!


This is a way of combining high-tech fun with walking and cycling. GPS equipment is used to find one of more than two and a quarter million geocaches around the world in a worldwide treasure hunt. In Jersey there are100 hidden caches waiting to be discovered and it’s great fun for the family. Participants search for a specific set of GPS coordinates to find the geocache or container hidden at that location. Want to play go to

Activity Adventures

There’s everything from paintballing to orienteering, go-karting, horse riding, aerial trekking, archery, shooting, laser combat, bunjee trampoline, zip wire and zorbing. That’s why we say if you want a great adventure holiday then look no further than a holiday to Jersey.