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10 Dec

Sesame Place – Not Just For Summer, A Childhood Treat All Winter Long

I was able to experience sesame place this past summer with my two year old son and share my experiences with you.  As I look at activities to do in the winter to keep my now 2 ½ year busy, I look back at Sesame Place and see how many great events that they have throughout the year to enjoy.  You sometimes think, that theme parks are just for the summer, but that’s not always true.  Many have great activities all year round.

Sesame Place At Christmas

During December, Sesame Place is planning A Very Furry Christmas, which is featured between November 23-December 31st.  They have three special Christmas shows, dry rides, music and lights all around.  Check their website because they have lots of different shows and the times are spread out through the day.  The Sesame Neighborhood is decorated for Christmas and they have a special Christmas Parade and of course a visit with Santa.

They also are having The Count’s Countdown to New Year’s Eve and New Years Eve Fireworks.  This celebration is great for the kids because all these events are early enough, (before 7pm) so youngsters can enjoy them.  I know that is a real bonus for me because most fireworks are so late that the kids can’t stay up to see them.

These events are described along with the costs on the Sesame Place website, under there events section.  You still can become a season pass holder and receive discounts for these events.  There are many different pass options to look at so you can see what pass works for you.  I am sure they will be posting what they have coming up after the 1st of the year for there 2014 events.  So keep a watch I know I will be checking back myself.

I really do recommend visiting Sesame Place, they have special guest visits like characters from your children’s’ favorite shows, like Calliou and Genevieve, and CHOO-CHOO SOUL to name a few. She will be at Sesame Place December 7-8th if you are interested in meeting her.


About the Author:  Alisha Rappaport is a consultant for non profit foundations and is a mommy blogger for  She enjoys taking her son on new adventures and sharing her experiences with our readers.