Swim With Dolphin in The Wild in Nelson Bay Australia

Swimming with dolphins in the wild is one of the best experiences a person can possibly have in a lifetime.  At least this is exactly how it felt to me.  It’s a rare treat to find a destination where you can swim with Dolphin in the wild, which is what makes a visit to Nelson Bay Australia so exciting.

Swimming With Dophin Nelson Bay Australia

Dolphins are incredible creatures. They are not only beautiful and friendly, but also super intelligent.  Take the opportunity to be part of the natural environment of dolphins, to be there and see the way they play and live, to closely look at them and see them looking back  – all these are moments that can undoubtedly warm the heart of everyone, even people who are not huge dolphin-lovers. Swimming with dolphins in Nelson Bay, Australia, I had a time which will remain in my mind and heart for the rest of my life.

I had heard before that some people consider swimming with dolphins an effective way to help mental conditions and even treat depression. Well, I had no idea what a strong positive effect facing a dolphin in its natural environment really has on humans until I experienced it. It’s indeed such a fantastic and breath-taking moment that felt borderline unreal. Here I’d love to share my amazing experience.

Nelson Bay

Nelson Bay is located in New South Wales Australia about a 2 1/2 hour drive north of Sydney. It’s a great coastal community that offers a number of activities with the most popular one among them being swimming with dolphins. Australia has discovered the incredible way people and dolphins interact and also the great bond they create. The open-water experience gives visitors the chance to learn a lot about these wonderful creatures and become part of their natural way of living.

My Experience

It was exactly 5:20a.m., I had my equipment all set, and by 5:45 everyone was on board our dive vessel ready for the 6:00 set off for this unique adventure. I was super excited and I could feel the same vibe everywhere around me. Everyone was thrilled to get this fun started. The experienced crew provided us with important information and training about how to swim with the dolphins without disturbing them. When we got to the dive spot, it was very pleasant for me to see how curious dolphins actually were about us. It was funny to realize that they were as interested in greeting us as we were to meet them. There were about 20 dolphins swimming near us which gave me an incredible feeling and mixed emotions. It was somehow scary but at the same time – spectacular. Adding the beautiful sunrise of the early morning, and the whole moment looked like heaven. We stayed in the water for about an hour, swimming with the dolphins, watching them play, even hugging them. It’s hard to describe what an amazing feeling it is to look right in the eyes of a dolphin and see that this unique big-hearted creature looking back and seemingly feels the same way about meeting you. It was a very personal and unforgettable moment.

The Perfect Shot

This experience is something that will definitely remain as a snap-shot moment in my mind forever. However, taking the perfect photo is important in order to not only memorize but also visualize this incredible moment.  Be sure to have an underwater camera at the ready.

Nelson Bay gave me the chance to experience a moment that I can wholeheartedly refer to as one of the best times of my life. Try it for yourself and get in touch with the stunning dolphins.

About The Author:  Jack Sheamus is passionate traveller and blogger. He works for http://www.qualitycleaninglondon.co.uk/cleaning-services-sw3-brompton/ and has a lot of free time to travel.
Photo Source:  Wikimedia Commons

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