Plan a Family Vacation To Umbria, The Green Heart of Italy

Here’s why to take your kids to Umbria, the green heart of Italy:

Are you thinking that you are one of those lucky parents whose kids will not change the way they travel, well think again! Sooner or later, you’ll certainly realize that your young toddlers have changed everything about the way you travel.

Umbria in Italy’s mid-section is a terrific destination for a trip with with your children and family.  You’ll find that this beautiful Italian region offers a large number of excursions that suit your entire family and helps you move at your own pace making your trip a pleasure and simply unforgettable.

Umbria Lodging

Below are top 5 things to do in Umbria that are really fun for everyone – yeah, for your kids too! And you may later convince them to visit one more church or museum!

Let them play with water

Internationally famous as the green heart of Italy, Umbria is home to many lush green farmhouses, which are the prime result of the heavy rainfall seen every year in the region. So, ultimately the region has no dearth of rivers and lakes that can unwind them and please them when the sun is becoming brighter.

You may take your kids to Lake Trasimeno and let them enjoy swimming at one of its beaches, or take them on a ferry ride. Don’t forget to lead them to the heart-stopping Marmore waterfall in the south Umbria. If your kids have a head for the height, make them enjoy a blast of happiness by doing white water rafting on either the Nera or Corna rivers.

Let them be a prince or princess for a day

On almost in every hilltop town or village of Umbria region, you’ll find a fairy-tale kind of castle. The Rocca Maggiore in Assisi is one of the best castles in the region for visitors arrived with their kids. Partially refurbished, this stone castle has towers, tunnels and turrets.

Let them enjoy the great food of the region

Are you really looking for a fun escape in the region? Then you should must visit the nearby sagra to have your dinner. A sagra is a term that refers to a festival which is organized by the local community and the food and drinks together are the major highlights of such celebration. Umbria people celebrate festivals throughout the year, so it would be a much difficult task for you to adjust your trip’s dates such that you get a chance to be a part of at least one sagra in the region. I bet your toddlers would love the mouth-watering delicacies and desserts; all are made from fresh and seasonal local produces.

Let them go greener

Take your children to one of the national parks of the region, where you all can enjoy activities like picnicking, hiking, swimming, mountain climbing or enjoying a scenic drive.

How about taking them back to school?

No, no I don’t mean that school! But I m hinting those fun courses running in the region such as learning local cooking from one of the chefs or take your family in Perugina’s School of Chocolate.

When you are customizing your activities and travel plans to best fit your kids’ taste, it is a great idea to choose accommodation Umbria (location vacances ombrie ) that has some amenities specifically for kids. Or you may buy accommodation rental Umbria (location ombrie) that make your kids feel like at home far away from home!

About The Author:  This article was shared by Jennifer Martin.  With a little homework and planning, your trip to Umbria can turn out to be a more memorable experience for your family. Jennifer recommends travelers to book their accommodation Umbria (location vacances ombrie) online well before they leave for the holidays.
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