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20 Jan

Where To Find The Best Nightlife and Food in Bogota

Enjoying Bogotá’s Nightlife and Cuisine at 93 Park

Since the beginning of the millennium, Colombia has been transformed into one of the most cosmopolitan of tourism hubs in South America. The epicenter of this great shift is in Bogotá, which is one of the most culturally diverse and densely populated cities in the region. But for fans of the nightlife, you can narrow your search for the ideal tourist destination to one particular area in Bogotá – and that’s Parque de la 93, or 93 Park. Here are a few prime hotspots for those who want to experience the best nightlife that Bogotá has to offer.

Best Nightlife in Bogota - Skyline

Gato Negro

Spanish for “black cat”, Gato Negro has become a local favorite as being one of the best restaurants and bars for those who favor cutting edge scenery with traditional Colombian food, classy aesthetics, and a romantic charm. Dark wood and an eclectic array of art pieces and musical instruments line the walls, and the atmosphere blooms with soft lighting and a grand view of the open terrace. Alternatively, street side patio seating is another favorite option for patrons. While reservations are a must in holiday seasons, their wide range of Spanish and Italian wines and liquors can be reason enough to book.

El Tres

Best Nightlife Bogota - el tres

Whereas Gato Negro serves up a romantic experience, El Tres offers a livelier, more social environment. Their menu also offers extensive, flavorful choices such as local fruits and cocktails, organic meat and pastry dishes, and exciting gourmet spins on favored street fare. For those who are interested in food in addition to drink and prefer affordability, this is an excellent option. For the social butterfly, this location offers live entertainment and music without sacrificing a private feeling environment. It’s also a convenient location, since it is located within a hotel and offers take-out options for all of their meals.

Salto del Ángel

Given the popularity of sports, it’s not surprising that one of the most exciting nighttime destinations in Bogotá is Salto del Ángel. This restaurant and bar is the truest kind of sports bar, with special events coinciding with big game days and a menu that would make a sports fan anywhere feel right at home.  Appetizers like fried cheese, seared provolone, and salsas with potato chips permeate the area with an irresistible aroma. In addition to sports, entertainment options ranging from local musical talent to magicians periodically drop by to entertain patrons.

The Bogotá Beer Company

With several locations, those who want the most diverse menu of drinking options at an affordable price will likely found their favorite destination at the Bogotá Beer Company. While there are multiple locations, the nightlife of 93 Park has made this area’s location the most popular. This local brewery has several unique flavors and are frequently infused with local fruits to create a completely original and distinctly Colombian flavor. Their dishes also reflect this sense of authenticity, so much so that all of them are named after Bogotá’s most popular neighborhoods.

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Felipe Santos is a blogger and a traveler of Central and South America. He currently writes to promote Hoteles B3, a hotel in Colombia. While business brings him around the world, he calls Colombia home and enjoys encouraging others to visit whenever he has the opportunity.
Photo Source:  Wikimedia Commons, Hoteles B3