Tiny and Trendy, World’s Smallest Vacation Rentals That Deliver Big Memories

The Wheel House

Pint-Sized Retreats:  A Guide to ‘Tiny’ Vacation Rentals That Leave Big Impressions

When I yearn to get away from the stress and break-neck pace of everyday life, I prefer to head somewhere snug and comfortable. Sure, you can find those adjectives in a 25-story luxury resort, if you’re looking – but I think small. A lot smaller, in fact. ‘Tiny houses’ appear to be all the rage. Modest and minimalistic, a diminutive domicile can provide an excellent opportunity for clearing your mind and providing focus.

If you want to take the cozy experience for a test drive, there are a myriad of ‘tiny’ vacation rentals out there. From spaceship-inspired houses in the shadow of the towering Alps to Northwestern Oregon treehouses, the options wide and varied. Let’s take a look at a few unique selections…

The Wheelhouse, New Zealand

The Wheelhouse AirBnB

Sitting near Kerikeri, New Zealand is the Wheel House, an extremely unique structure salvaged from a bygone steamboat named the Minerva. A tropical pagoda-lined garden along a beautiful riverfront makes for a serene, unparalleled setting.

The Ufogel, Austria

The Ufogel, Austria

For the futuristic, international traveler, the Ufogel holiday home (evidently an amalgamated word of ‘UFO’ and the German word for bird, ‘vogel’) is a premium destination. This extremely modern micro-home in Lienz, Austria has a bank wall of windows opening up to an incredible view of the Tyrolean mountains.

Canyon Lake Cottage, Texas

Canyon Lake Cottage

This little Texas cottage is a Victorian-inspired construction made of reclaimed building materials. The wooded interior with vintage stained glass inlays leads to a luxurious, king-size sleeping loft, but the house also features an outdoor hot tub and a rural courtyard nestled into rustic surroundings.

One-Room Log Cabin. Branson Missouri

One Room Log Cabin

The pastoral charm of a cozy log cabin is a feeling that has endured for decades, if not a century or two. The secluded cabins in Branson, MO feature both the wooden throwback appeal and modern touches like free high-speed internet and a Jacuzzi tub amidst the living area.

The Fern Forest Treehouse, Vermont

Fern Forest Tree House

Lincoln, VT is the setting for this wooden rental treehouse. Sitting pretty 30 feet above the ground and atop four maple trees that run through the structure, this cozy fort features a porch with a comfy rocker in front of views of Mt. Abraham and the Green Mountain National Forest.

C & O Caboose. Virginia

C&O Caboose

For something truly original, consider a stay in the renovated 1926 Chesapeake & Ohio caboose near Natural Bridge, VA. Refurbished with western red cedar walls and featuring modern amenities like a Bose speaker system, the caboose is a lovely compromise of old-school appeal and new comforts.

The Old Tower, Italy

The Old Tower Italy

For a history enthusiast, you’d have a hard time finding a more interesting rental than this stone tower in Tuoro sul Trasimen, Italy. Formerly a stable, this charming structure is located in the Sanguineto region, where Hannibal and the Carthaginian army fought the Roman Army in 217 B.C. Complete with a private garden, swimming pool and view of Lake Trasimeno, this richly storied area is ripe for adventure.

About The Author: 
David Bryce is a travel blogger and small space enthusiast who, at the risk of sounding like a trend-follower, is trying to convince his wife to downsize her massive collection of shoes and handbags in order to hit the road in a tiny house on wheels. He fully believes in his nomad dreams.

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