A Drive To Cape Point Is A Must Do When Visiting Cape Town

Cape Town South Africa

A Drive to Cape Point Is A Must Do Activity In Cape Town

Sheer cliffs and rugged rocks towering 200 m above sea level and slashing deep into the agitated ocean provide an astounding background for the bio-diversity of the park. Cape Point is positioned on the south side of Table Mountain National Park and it’s the second visit to the area.  In 2013 I went on an expedition to South Africa’s Cape Town, so this time I decided to take my wife and family along to see the breathtaking beauty of the African territories.

Cape Town South Africa

The vegetation of the surrounding area and scenic splendour of Cape Point has once again amazed me. To me, South Africa is an organic paradise, a floral kingdom where I could see myself spending my senior years, travelling from one place to another, socializing with the people, and engaging in their customs and traditions.

Table Mountain National Park – sheer beauty at its best

Table Mountain Cape Town South Africa

As soon as we arrived in Cape Town, we lodged in at the incredible Villa Zest Boutique Hotel from where we had the most enticing view of the city and the Table Mountain plateau. The 5* hotel was sort of expensive, but I really wanted my family to be treated well considering we barely have time to plan a vacation per year.

On our first day we decided to see the mountain in all its splendour, so we packed our gear and went on a trek. Table Mountain is every walker’s paradise because of its rare fauna and flora. The peninsula provides an abundance of indigenous flowers, birds, and animals so it’s safe to say we took about 200 photos on that day. Exploring the mountain on foot is a must if you ever happen to be in Cape Town, and as soon as we reached the plateau, we really felt that our efforts were worth every drop of sweat.

The Cape Point Reserve – unbelievably entertaining

Cape Point South Africa

The purpose of our trip to Cape Town was to see as many natural wonders as possible, so on our second day we decided to rent a car and head to the Cape Point Reserve. Located about 1 hour from the city, we were delighted to enter such a peaceful and prevalent oasis. As soon as we got here, we were welcomed by the two main imposing peaks, Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point.

We parked the car and started a steep walk to the Cape Point lighthouse. I simply can’t explain the landscape in plain words as it was just spectacular. The great panoramas of the moving oceans, the dramatic cliffs, and clean white sand of Dias Beach really made our day unforgettable.

Let’s hike the reserve

Hiking in Cape Town

We really wanted to hike Cape Point, but we did it on day three because the kids were just too tired to move on. We went back to the hotel after seeing the lighthouse, had an amazing dinner time, and went to sleep. The next day we decided to leave the kids at the hotel. They didn’t complain for a second since Villa Zest had so many activities available for kids.

Hiking the Cape point reserve was like a second honeymoon for me and my wife. We had a blast, although the hike was not as easy as you may think. To our surprise, we were not the only crazy hikers wondering the mountains at 6 am in the morning, and we stumbled upon hundreds of other trekkers just as excited as us.

We decided to take the trail with the view towards the Atlantic side because of the spectacular ocean views and flat terrain; on our path we came cross really interesting foot-print beaches, cliff-tops, and fynbos (a specific type of vegetation in Cape Town). Our kids would have loved to see the lizards, birds, baboons, and mountain zebras, so we decided to leave that part out because we didn’t want to make them jealous.

Did Cape Point exceed our expectations? Definitely; will we ever come back to Cape Town? Yes absolutely, although we don’t know when that will be. South Africa is such an astounding territory and its capital is beyond compare. If you’re an avid trekker with a weakness for unbelievable sceneries, Cape Town with leave you speechless.

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