Five Elements Resort Bali
10 Apr

How To Plan a Vegetarian Vacation With Ease

When travelers who prefer a vegetarian lifestyle go on vacation, it’s often challenging to locate nearby restaurants that offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menus.  With the whole country seemingly focused on obesity and healthy living, the trend toward vegetarian and vegan lifestyles have skyrocketed.  Food items that were once relegated to small dark corners of grocery stores, now occupy prominent and expansive displays.  New diet programs encourage us to eat raw, eat local, eat green, eat organic, and to embrace plant-based menus.  While you may be familiar with several websites that help locate vegetarian restaurants while traveling, (,,, there is now a site that helps you find and book hotels, resorts, Bed and Breakfast inns, and conference centers around the world that specialize in purely vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

The Farm Resort, Philipines

The Farm at San Benito – Center for holistic healing and wellness in the Philippines is quickly becoming the go-to source for booking “healthy, sustainable and ethical vegetarian vacations”.  Started in 2011 by travel-journalists Thomas and Karen Klein, with IT expert Paul Haunert, Veggie-Hotels set out to simplify the search process for finding lodgings offering purely vegetarian and vegan cuisines as well as conducting eco sensitive operations.  Today, Veggie-Hotels lists more than 500 hotels, inns, resorts and health centers in over 60 countries worldwide.  Travelers will find everything from simple guest houses to city hotels, to luxury resorts.  Search capabilities include 40 different criteria, so travelers can select between vegan, raw food, lactose and gluten free, organic, etc.  Most exciting of all are the health centers that offer anti-allergic material, educational courses, yoga retreats and wellness workshops.

Here’s a look at some of the most inviting vegetarian hotels and health centers:

Five Elements Resort Bali

Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa on Bali in Indonesia is a healing center founded upon Balinese traditions with purely vegan kitchen

Wilkatika Resort Peru

Wllka T’ika is a luxury garden retreat located in the heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley

Almodovar Hotel Berlin

Almodóvar Hotel in Berlin/Germany – Oasis in the Metropolis