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28 Apr

How to Look 10 lbs Thinner in Your Vacation Photos

Camera ShotI always intend to loose a whole bunch of weight before going on vacation so I will look great in the travel photos and feel a little less guilty when sampling the local cuisine. But reality being what it is, it’s the same old me (the good and the bad) in all the photos. Here are some great tricks recommended by professional photographers that will help you look thinner in pictures.

#1 – Turn your body slightly sideways to the camera.

#2 – Move one foot a little forward of the other and point it in the general direction of the person taking your photo. Your weight should be on your back foot.

#3 – Hold your arms away from your body; waive, hold out a glass, give a thumbs up etc.

#4 – Hold your head slightly forward to minimize a double chin.

#5 – NEVER let someone snap a picture of you angled from below – everything will look huge! Shots taken from slightly above or at eye level will be best.

#6 – Stand tall, no slouching. If you’re sitting, cross your legs at the ankle or sit with both feet on the ground, one foot slightly forward of the other.

#7 – Use props to hide undesirable areas. I hate being photographed in a bathing suit (are you with me on this???). I usually grab a beach towel to hold over my arm and let it drape to cover the evidence of my good living, or holding a colorful sun hat or beach bag works as well. If seated, drape one arm across your middle, clasping your other hand at the side to cover some of your midriff.

#8 – A one color outfit helps the eye travel from top to bottom and back without pausing inbetween. – And we all know that nothing makes you look wider than horizontal stripes! If you’re wearing stripes, be sure you do not stand straight to the camera.

#9 – Use local props – instead of standing in front of scenic objects, step partially behind and peak out at the camera.

#10 – Think about what a great time you’re having, how much you love being on vacation, and then put a gleaming smile on your face. People seeing your picture will look right at your face first and when they see the fun and joy there, it will make absolutely no difference how the rest of your looks!

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