28 Apr

Top Reasons To Visit Croatia in 2014

Here’s Why Croatia should be on the Top Of your Travel List for 2014

Croatia is just emerging as an international vacation spot, but is still a widely popular European destination. Its combination of elegant glamor and old world charm makes it one of the best places in the world to visit.  Here are the top 8 reasons why Croatia should be on the top of your travel list for 2014.

#8: Croatia’s natural beauty


Croatia really is a stunningly beautiful country to behold. From the craggy cliffs, clear blue waters, valleys, mountains, pristine beaches, towns built on slopes; almost anywhere you go you will be treated to one beautiful treat after another. The picturesque and awe inspiring natural beauty of the country is no doubt one of the top reasons why you need to visit Croatia.

#7: Croatia’s Roman Architecture

Croatia Roman Arena

When you think about Roman architecture, you probably think of Turkey or Italy, but Croatia is home to some of the best preserved Roman structures in the world. This includes palaces, temples, and amphitheaters to name just a few. The cities of Pula and Split are most notable when great Roman architecture is concerned. For architectural enthusiasts, organized trips are available and endless treats in this beautiful country to explore and learn about.

#6: The different Croatian regions

Croatia Regional Map

Croatia offers a wealth of diversity in terrain, history, food and culture. Visiting its different regions is like exploring a new little country all together, with each region having its own unique thing to offer. The coastal cities and the Dalmatian islands for example are perfect for fun in the sun and sand. Istria is more laid back, with heavy Italian influences. The inland regions are a perfect blend of old elegance and modern vibrancy. Anywhere you go, you can expect to have a new and rewarding experience.

#5: The weather

Croatia has great weather as compared to other European countries. The coastal regions are especially popular during the spring where the weather is comfortable. These areas also tend to be warmer for longer as compared to other regions in inland Croatia. Summer time is arguably the best time to be in the country. The weather is hot, so water sports, sunbathing and swimming is abound. This is also the peak season for tourists, and for good reason.

#4: The food

Croatia Cuisine

Croatia has some great food if nothing else and foodies will seriously enjoy their time here. The cuisine varies depending on the part of the country you are in. These range from Slavic influenced cuisine, to the more familiar Italian flavours. The national Croatian cuisine is also definitely something to write home about. There is more emphasis on slow cooked, home-style cuisine with great flavour and unrivaled quality.

#3: Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a wonder to marvel at in itself. This ancient walled city is best visited during the summer months. The spring and fall seasons are also perfect for a more intimate experience as this is the period where the throngs of tourists have already headed out of the country. You can take in the city walls, as well as walk on top of them for stunning views of the surroundings. There are also churches, palaces and fortresses ripe for exploration, and some relaxation to be had in the surrounding cafes, pubs or the beach.

#2: The Culture

Zagreb Market, Croatia

Easter and Christmas calls for huge celebrations in Croatia, so try to make your way there during these times. There is a rich and fascinating local culture in Croatia that you cannot help but be immersed in. From the markets in Zagreb, to traditional embroidery in Dubrovnik and traditional Klapa musicians in Split, there really is a lot to take in. Every region has its own slightly unique culture and way of life that is best experienced in person. The islands also offer festivals that are an unforgettable experience all together.

#1: The wines and spirits

Croatia Wines

Everywhere you go in Croatia, you are bound to find locally made wine on the menus. You have no excuse but to try the different varieties available all over the country. One great choice that comes to mind is Teran wine, which hails from the Istria region known for its iron-rich soils. There is also a good number of local spirits worth trying out, including the popular maraschino liqueur, produced in Zadar and is made from cherries.

So what are you waiting for, pack your bags, get your travel insurance, grab a guide book and pack your camera and go and explore this beautiful country. There is a wealth of experience that only Croatia is able to offer, and a trip here can never be wasted.

About The Author:  Ana is a blogger who has a passion for all things travel. She loves to learn about and experience new cultures while traveling and sharing those experience with anyone that will listen. Her favorite destination so far has been New Zealand where she took the leap and skydived in the beautiful Queenstown. One day she hopes to make it to Bora Bora and Africa.