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30 Apr

Guide To The Best Vegan and Vegetarians Restaurants in England

Here’s Where To Fine The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in England

It’s hard to believe, but only a decade ago those who chose to follow the vegan diet had little or no choice for dining out in the UK. The England of today however, luckily boasts an impressive number of wonderful vegetarian and vegan eateries, found in major cities and small towns alike.

Vegan Restaurants UK

Vitao (London)

Found in the heart of London’s Soho, Vitao offers a refreshing look at some of the vegan all time favourites. Their daily selection feature snacks like nachos and pizzette with seed-cheese and really interesting main courses – among them a hot curry soup, quinoa with marinated tofu, aubergines with a selection of seasonal greens, or a dish called Lasagne Vivente – a perfect choice for any vegan enthusiast of Italian cuisine.

Hansa’s (Leeds)

It’s deliciously obvious that the all-female staff of this restaurant creates some memorable Gujarati-style vegetarian cuisine. The menu is simple, but the quality is outstanding. Try their Spice Bomb, Chilli Paneer or Ringan-na-Paletta, and I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Woodruffs Organic Café (Stroud)

This cute little eatery serves breakfasts, lunches and everything in between. I was really impressed by the sheer size of their lunchtime menu, which features highlights like homemade bean burger, goan coconut dahl served in fresh pita bread, or delicious roasted Protabella mushrooms with a side of fresh salad. Being the sweet tooth that I am, I simply had to try one of their cakes and, believe me, their gluten-free chocolate cake is absolutely to die for!

The Coach and Horses (London)

Not your typical restaurant, Coach and Horses is London’s first entirely vegetarian pub, with some vegan options as well. The menu offers some new interpretations of dishes we all know very well, such as the Beetroot Ravioli, the Tofush and Chips or a vegan, gluten-free chocolate mousse. What I really loved about this place was their original spin on the typical British afternoon tea, which at Coach and Horses is served with some delightful vegan goodies.

Food For Friends (Brighton)

Based in Britain’s vegan capital, the seaside town of Brighton, the restaurant has been serving great vegetarian dishes for over 30 years. Their coconut curry and marinated roast aubergine are number one, but their homemade desserts deserve attention as well – in particular the rich dark chocolate truffle torte and a sweet version of Sicilian arancini, filled with coconut black sesame and mango.

Cranks Garden Restaurant (Totnes)

After relocating from London’s Carnaby Street, Cranks is shaking up the dining scene of Devon. Among the must-haves are classic-turned-vegan Mushroom Stroganoff, the delicious Creamy Leek and Mushroom Pancakes, and the exotic East African Patties with hot Piripiri sauce. Finishing my meal with their homemade desserts, I silently swore to return to this delightful place in the near future.

Rainbow Café (Cambridge)

Among the streets filled with rushing students, I found an enclave of vegan peace at Rainbow Café. I chose for starters some delicious garlic bread with various toppings, followed by an original Shepherdess Pie with seasonal root vegetables and Adzuki beans, as well as a delightfully hot Pepper Pot and a mild, but mouth-watering Tagine L’Algerienne, a local trademark, which didn’t disappoint.

Vanilla Black (London)

A Michelin-style take on vegetarian cuisine, Vanilla Black takes it to the next level, serving gourmet dishes in a distinctively chic environment. If Pernod Pancakes, Fried Mushroom Mousse or Burnt Orange Marshmallow dessert don’t stir your imagination, than I don’t know what will. The variety and quality is definitely worth its price here.

The 8th Day (Manchester)

This one is still on my wish list. Anytime I see their online menu and their shop’s offer, I make plans for a trip to Manchester. Created in the 70’s, the restaurant has developed its menu to feature an impressively varied salad bar, some stews and curries based on recipes handed down for over 40 years, and delicious fresh smoothies and juices that act as the icing on the cake to your meal.

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