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7 Jul

Moving Is The Best Medicine When Traveling

Dr. B. shares his advice for avoiding stiff muscles while traveling: Moving is the Best Medicine

Before I leave the registration desk when I check into my hotel, I always ask about the exercise room. Almost every hotel has one, but it helps to know where it is because sometimes they seem to be hidden in an out-of-the-way corner of the property. It is not because they are hiding the room from the guests, but it is the only place suitable.

Hotel Exercise Room

Once you know where the exercise room is located, you have to figure out the time when you are going to make a visit. As I mentioned in a previous article I wrote for Travel Host Magazine, you can exercise in your room doing stretching exercises for your back, arms and legs. These can be very helpful, but going to the exercise room usually gives you a chance to do a greater variety of exercises.

The musculoskeletal system is made to move. That is the way muscles, joints, tendons and other parts of the system work best. Moving means that oxygen and the nutrients get to these parts of the body. Sitting is not resting. Muscles stay in one position and do not relax and contract. Blood flow to the muscles is cut off. They tire and become more painful.

So moving is the best way to lubricate your musculoskeletal system. The variety of machines that are available to move your body are almost too many too count. There is no one machine that works for everyone.

The treadmill is a great choice for those individuals who like to walk and/ or run during their workout. The impact of walking or running is great for increasing pressures on the skeletal to make it strong but may not be the best choice for those individuals who have leg pains. The increased force on joints can be bothersome.

Ellipticle Training Machine

A better choice for individuals with leg pains is the elliptical machine. This machine puts the body in motion but limits the pounding that occurs with walking or running. Some machines also have attachments that work the arms and legs simultaneously.

The most relaxing way to get exercise can be in a swimming pool if it is available and you have brought your swim suit. Walking or paddling through water exercises the whole body through movement with resistance but with much less strain on the musculoskeletal system. For those who enjoy more of a challenge, swimming laps improves heart and lung function, improves endurance, and strengthens muscles in general.

For more exercises, you can go to my book, Heal Your Back, or for other health issues, or my radio program Speaking of Health with Dr. B.

Photo Source:  Google Commons