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9 Jul

Say It Like You Mean It – With Great New Translation Guides

Most translation guides will teach you how to say, “No Thank You”, when you REALLY want to say, “Beat It or Piss Off!”  I’m thinking of the gypsy’s in Europe here…  how many times do I need to say, “no thank you” to the guys trying to sell us a rose at dinner!!!

Marco Polo Translation Guides

The new phrasebook translation guides published by Marco Polo have got you covered whether you want to be strictly correct, or express yourself in a more relaxed way.  The compact guides not only provide a handy pocket cheat sheet, words from A-Z, descriptive sections for food, lodging, and shopping etc; but they also provide translations by picture, medical or pharmacy needs, local knowledge and insider tips.  Perhaps the most useful section by far is the Warning Slang! chapter.  Here you’ll learn to say “Hi, how’s it going, or Wassup?” – far more useful than “Good Morning Sir”, especially if you’re staying in a youth hostel.  Some of my favorite sub-sections are Ranting/Bitching/Swearing, Pricey or Peanuts, and Going Out.  I also like the section on parts….they present a diagram of a car and run down all of the important parts.  The same applies to bicycles.  If you’re renting a car or bike while abroad this would be very useful in the event of a breakdown.

Some of the handy “Slang” translations I’m highlighting are:
No Way!
Calm Down
That’s Amazing
I Dont’ Feel Good
My Treat
He’s/She’s Got a Screw Loose

Insider Tips are just as valuable:

In Italy, for instance, it’s vital to know that Camera means Bedroom.  So if you asked for a new camera, you might be directed to a swanky hotel.  And don’t ask for Salata in Italy (wanting a salad), because salata means salty – you need an insalata.

In France, if you want organic food, don’t make the mistake of asking for dinner without “preservatifs” – which means condoms!  You need to request “sans conservateurs”.

The new Marco Polo Phrasebook Guides are currently available in French, Italian, German and Spanish.  Visit to order the phrasebooks and their line of really great maps.